EP. 66. Answering the queries in our prime

These seniors would surely love to answer your marketing queries. And hey, seniors do not always involve the age, it can be expertise too, right? Right?
These seniors would surely love to answer your marketing queries. And hey, seniors do not always involve the age, it can be expertise too, right? Right?

With our last post hitting our 65th episode, you bet you can call us senior. That is just for the podcast but not yet for our dear Davids, David Counsell and David Pritchard (we know, we are heading that path anyway). But after all these interesting discussions and exchange of thoughts, people are always amazed how we never ran out of topics. It’s simply because, people just basically never ran out of problems with their marketing and advertising.

In this episode, we will have our 4th installment of Q&A where we answer some of the questions that these business owners have, which you might be experiencing too. May it be advertising on newspaper, tv, radio or the world wide web, we sure got the answers for you. So, join in the discussion and we sure bet that you’d love the benefits you are entitled of.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:37 Welcome to David versus David
00:54 Greetings from Paradise south, Hobart, Tasmania
00:58 Good day from Paradise North in United Kingdom
01:17 People always ask how do we come up with these interesting topics for our podcast
01:23 It is because problems ever go away and people always have problems with their marketing and advertising
01:38 And we often get these topics from the people we talk to
01:42 And for today, we will be answering more of your queries with another round of Q&As
01:56 Many people are indeed having problems with their marketing
02:42 And it’s also not unusual that we can have pretty long intros
03:14 Our first question is from Mike about newspapers
03:39 “How can you go about in the features section of the newspaper? is it worth it and how effective they are?”
04:01 Themed features are quite popular especially in the regional papers
04:25 But even the national papers have allotted a few pages for the features that may tackle from lifestyle, to medicine to even computers
04:44 One that appeals to many is about lifestyle and pets
04:52 Magazines do these as well
05:18 But David C tells that he is not a very big fan of the features as he shares about the Seniors’ Week
05:25 You have to ask yourself if the article will be talking to your target customers
05:47 Some papers does have a regular themed feature stories so they are being promoted
06:08 But an advertising feature with a non-specific theme aren’t promoted
06:27 If they get a list of people who will participate including your competitors, will you take part or would you rather advertise a week earlier?
07:20 It is good to get in first
07:32 You don’t want to be a me too but rather on the front foot
07:36 But if you’re audience don’t read the paper, do not advertise there
07:51 Advertising is all about where us your customer
08:22 “Hope that it works.” is not an advertising strategy, it’s gambling
08:36 David P, with his wife’s business is often asked if they want to take part in an editorial
09:06 There’s this large magazine that approached them, quite pricey but does put out a good name
09:18 But the actual page was quite a mess that actually looks like a phone directory for the magazine
09:57 It is about a thousand pound and certainly not what they want for
10:37 On the contrary, they approached a lifestyle magazine in the county who did a whole page of article on their business
10:43 The reach wasn’t nationwide but it was countywide and it’s free
10:51 It offers a better pitch to their customers rater than the other magazine
11:31 So, analyze who’s gonna look at these
11:39 Ask yourself also, “Are you going to advertise in there should they have not asked you?”
12:18 These papers have asked a lot f other business because they have a space to fill
12:52 Another question from Carry, “Why is my webpage can’t be found on Google?”
13:13 If your webpage is designed by a graphic designer, they can provide you with very good designs but they may not know how to make your page be found under Google
13:31 Google loves pages of content
14:43 If your webpage has just one very very long page, then you only provide one metadata information for Google all cramped up
15:42 Your webpage needs to be broken up into individual pages
15:59 Give Google more pages of content to work on
16:52 Also, if your web page has no text file or site maps makes it more difficult to be found
18:17 Check how long are your images take to load
18:20 Google doesn’t like slower loading pages that’s why you have to make sure that your images are optimized
19:06 It seems like that the webpage needs a major rework
19:40 You certainly need to add more content, get keywords research
19:56 Also, think how people can land into your webpage and think if it provides an outward reflection of your company
20:25 Make sure that you can utilize your webpage for other means
20:35 Get it fixed because what is the point of having a webpage if people can’t find you
21:22 Peter asks a question. “When should I replace my website?”
21:30 You are always going to get tired how your website looks before everybody does
21:48 Is your website older than 7 years? 7 years ago, iPhone was introduced that revolutionized the mobile browsing experience
22:07 If it is difficult to navigate or open at least, people will go away
22:14 If it is flash based, then Apple products won’t recognize it
22:54 It should be part of your sales process that allows you to make a sale
23:31 Get somebody else that will provide a critical overview of what they think about the website
23:57 check if somebody can navigate through your website
24:46 If your website is slow to load, you need to replace is because Google ranks on speed
25:33 People don’t want to mess around with website navigation
25:39 It is important that they get immediately to the content
25:48 There was a query from Richard who wants a new website just because it is old, should he replace it?
26:03 There was nothing wrong with the website and ranks well in Google
26:23 David P and the graphics guy both think there’s nothing wrong
26:44 It is just that Richard is tired looking at it when the customers aren’t because they don’t look at the webpage every so often
27:22 Instead, what they did is to freshen up the look of the logo
27:40 They didn’t charge much money in there but what happened is that you have customers who believe
28:05 Go and add Google Analytics to your webpage to check which has more traffic and which don’t drive much
28:29 Take a look how a long people are spending on your webpage
29:10 If some of your pages don’t have much visitors, perhaps you need more content on that topic
29:41 You got to engage more to attract more people
30:05 Wrapping up
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30:40 Goodbyes!