EP. 63. Arguably, the best advertising podcast in town

You think that’s a beer bucket? That’s a bucket list of things you should be doing to market your business.
You think that’s a beer bucket? That’s a bucket list of things you should be doing to market your business.


In the past weeks, we’ve been sharing with you easy and effective ways of promoting your business. Although we have gone through our long list, we aren’t over yet and thus a third installment for all of you. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about their personal experiences and real life advertisements they have witnessed that you too can apply in your business.

Remember the people wearing cardboard signs to advertise their products? Or heard that new jingle on the radio? Have you been to the latest gathering of like-minded business people? Ever heard of the QR codes? Or perhaps tried to use the tagline that is probably the best in town? These are just some of the points that we have discussed for the day. Our squirrels definitely had a tough day rolling. And yes after a year, we’re letting you know what we mean. Think we’re just using a tagline for this title? Have a listen and then prove us wrong.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:01 Welcome to another episode of David versus David
01:27 For the past week, we kept the squirrels nice and fit as we skipped our weekly recording
01:51 But with more than a year of listening to our podcast, have you also wondered where did the squirrels come from?
02:06 Now you will know as David C tells the story
02:09 His lovely wife swears that he has an attention deficit disorder
02:14 Like, they will be talking about what are they gonna have for dinner and then he’ll spot something else and would point out to the squirrels
02:25 And that is where the squirrels come from
02:30 And we hope that such story will make you less confused whenever we mention though we should have really explained about it over a year ago
03:10 And as much as being used to hearing about the squirrels and rabbits, you probably know by now how much we love having interesting introductions
03:38 But enough of those as of the moment as we will continue our discussion on promotional ideas you can imply on your business
03:53 We won’t be getting to in-depth details but more like a hit-and-run
04:12 And this is the 3rd installment from our series of short-hand on ideas to promote your business
04:19 To begin with, let’s talk about going to events
04:26 Whatever your kind of business is, it’s a great way to get yourself promoted and to network
04:39 Take David Pritchard for example who has been traveling down to Australia just to attend events where like minded people in the business gather
04:57 That’s actually how these 2 Davids met
05:11 And then they went networking to add more interesting people who can add value in their podcast
05:15 That is where they met Steve Owens, Josh Anderson, Barbara Griffin and few other people
05:36 It can be a two-way thing as you can also be bringing them something
05:57 You don’t have to necessarily stand in front but you can make connection with the people
06:12 Remember, everywhere you go, you’re networking
06:31 What you should put in mind is that what you want is to expand the group of people you know and it’ll be great if that flowes into a business relationship
07:09 You network with everybody
07:41 David P shares something about the go-to-guy of networking he met in England
07:46 He asked if the people observed themselves or other people as they are arriving
08:14 Most people who cam just by themselves stand alone there in between the people
08:17 As he said, one of the greatest fears in life is walking into a room where you don’t know anybody but there’s nothing to worry about as everyone is on the same boat
08:55 Putting yourself out there is akin to advertising your business
09:12 Another thing to talk about is having a Jingle
09:17 Jingles are actually part of another medium, can be part of a radio, tv or youtube
09:27 Unless you have a killer jingle, don’t use it
09:40 A bad jingle just sounds disgusting and will hurt your business
09:43 It has to be tune catchy to be that good and you want kids to be singing it when they hear it on the radio
10:02 And then let’s take a look at QR codes
10:04 QR codes became very popular very quickly at about 5 years ago
10:25 It was really easy to put a QR code in the size of business card or size of billboard but it is the competition in space that made QR codes so important
10:38 What it really wanted to do is to take you from that lead generating device to a website where more information can be placed
10:48 In areas where space isn’t a problem, QR codes may not be necessary but in areas where space is expensive then QR codes may work for you
11:11 QR codes are little squares that you can scan with your phone and will take you to whatever page it is leading to
11:26 Could it pass as a Picasso work of art if he is using impressionist?
11:51 Ask people in your market if they know what QR codes are or if they have readers installed in their phones
12:08 The need for a QR code reader actually may pose a problem
12:12 The confusion will be diminished if you would just put in your webpage
13:06 A specific landing page is all you need and it is the message they see when they get there is more important
13:21 How about street mascots, have you seen such lately?
13:30 Remember the days when people wear big cardboard signs on the street to promote businesses?
14:02 Just last week, there are about 20 young people walking at 8 in the morning wearing these cardboard signs for a pizza parlor
14:58 It can be a cheap way of advertising
16:06 Another way of promoting your business is through talking to the press
16:24 The cost of advertising in newspapers can be expensive but the cost of talking to people behind the articles and stories is free and can be worthwhile
16:56 You can have them write about your business or the obstacles you overcome or even about your products
17:22 It doesn’t have to be an advertising pitch but of you have an interesting story, you can get free exposure
17:49 Supply them with a picture too and not always just a product shot
17:52 If it is a product picture, then that is advertisement
18:13 Think of what they need and give it to them
18:40 What they want is interesting and engaging content
18:50 Another thing to talk about is outdoor advertising
18:54 We mean everything: from the side of the street to billboards which are all good way to communicate
19:11 If you’re putting a billboard up, you want a heavy traffic
19:20 One goood place to put an ad is inside a busy airport
19:35 Think of the many people who are waiting in the baggage carousel which can be a great venue for business dealing with travelling or tourism
19:38 In Tasmania in fact, there is a concrete seal advertising about a boat trip and the seal is on the carousel ehich goes round and round
20:06 Another thing noticeable is the Cascade Brewery ad
20:12 Cascade is the big beer producer in Australia and their brewery is a spectacular building with a great billboard that says, “If we didn’t brew great beer, we’d be a hotel.” Go and check it in Google Images for yourself
20:47 If you’re a little business, put a sign on the sidewalk and use a different shape than the usual
22:12 Get a good tagline, not just a name for your business that can add extra weight to your marketing
22:32 Carlsberg has a catchy tagline: Probably the best lager in the world
22:42 They even had Orson Welles to do the voice over for their ads
23:01 That line has been replicated elsewhere and became memorable
23:01 It was even used in a restaurant in Hobart
23:19 Time magazine quoted, “Arguably, the best fish and chips in Australia.” And that became the tagline
23:31 It is interesting that they are not claiming to be the best fish and chips in town but rather dare the people to check their product
25:21 Just like what Cascade is doing, they provide a tour of the place and after which, you can go back in the bar and have a taste of their products as much as you can
25:48 And one thing to check out is their premium beer or locally known as 2 dogs
26:11 And before it totally becomes a beer commercial, it is now our cue to wrap things up
26:25 Although there’s still more to learn, we ticked off a couple from our list
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