EP. 61. Easy and simple promotional tips that will work for your business


EP61Marketing and advertising can be wide scale and may involve loads of cash and other expenses. But you know very well, that we love providing you great advices and solutions for your small to medium businesses. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the easiest and proven effective promotional strategies and methods you could imply to get more customers right in front of you.

Do you know that you can add value to your products while introducing new items? You, too, can can turn in followers and make them drop their old brands. Or better yet increase your average sale per contact just by putting together the items that complement each other. Oh and yes, even a piece of chalk and your plain footpath can do so much for you. Have a listen and learn these easy tips to boost your sales and earn more loyal customers.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:14 Greetings! Welcome to another episode of David versus David
01:50 It is another great day to talk about marketing
02:00 So whatever you’re doing, make sure you are taking notes
02:26 This week, we will be talking about ideas to promote your business to get people come your way
02:55 Have a sale
03:07 We are not very big fans of discounting to attract people
03:13 Use sales as a strategic tool
03:25 You may use sale for stuff you want to get rid off
03:35 But using sales with your regular items reduce your margin and overdoing it you’re cheapening your brand
03:54 Promotional codes during check out actually makes people to look for one before completing the sale thus leaving the site
04:36 Instead of cheapening the brand you can add value like offering a freebie
05:22 Cosmetic companies are really great with doing this
06:08 Products can be aimed to women or to men purchasing the items for their wives
06:23 You can also offer trade in
06:58 Mobile phones apps developer offer great trade ins
08:36 Frequent shopper’s cards are good for big companies like Tesco
09:00 But at the heart of all these is having a database
09:23 Market to targeted groups
09:26 So you need to look into your database
09:49 Some loyalty cards provide freebies but may again only work for big supermarkets
10:17 Discount coupons are targeted also
10:38 Smaller stores with limited items also has a limited profile of buyers
11:37 If you are trying to build loyalty, you need to have the data and need to know who they are
12:09 Point of sale is really important
12:29 Get people to walk all around your business or have signs that guide customers where you want them to go
12:52 With websites, you don’t want to impose too many clicks that is why there is auto suggest
13:05 Upsell and cross sell happens online and also in the physical scenarios
13:34 You can position complementary products to each other or near the stalls
13:45 You can have trained staff who can explain all the benefits
13:59 Your online shop should have a good web outline that encourages purchases
14:20 James Schramko was the king of doing this
14:32 What he does is he offer additional information along with the product that will let you maximize your product and it relates to everything
15:15 One of the reason people buys product is to have their problems solved and if you do that, they will come back to you
15:50 If you’re confident with the product, offer a guarantee
16:06 If the item won’t work for them, you wouldn’t them to have it
16:24 David C always say this in his business, “If we are not doing the job for you, then you should sack us.”
16:30 We don’t want people out there talking bad about us
16:39 Reduce the risk for the consumers in buying your products or taking your services
17:27 Good old business cards are great fro spreading the world
17:47 Use them appropriately by being introduced to people whom you don’t have direct connection with
18:00 For people you are talking to, it’s better you get their business cards so you can contact them the next day
18:26 Make your business cards stand out
18:36 At exhibitions, David P gives out postcards that contain all their details and work remarkably well
18:55 Write at the footpath of your business in chalk
19:44 But don’t do it too much, just enough to capture people’s attention
19:56 Window dressing is disappearing to a large extent but it can be very effective when it is done the right way
20:44 Clever signs in the blackboard can be simple, cheap and very intriguing
22:33 Get the message right without cheapening the product
22:50 Remember that the sakes process is before the sale, during the sale and after the sale
23:00 After the sale is saying thank you and let them know you appreciate their business
23:40 Before the age of email, David P was sending thank you letters to his clients
23:54 Get people to your database so that if someone purchases from you, you can reach them but don’t bombard them
24:49 That is one of the best promotional methods you can do
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