EP. 60. It’s time for another round of Q&A by D and D

Missing our Q&A portion? Have a listen as we might just have answered your question.
Missing our Q&A portion? Have a listen as we might just have answered your question.

In our day to day business lives, we meet several people and encounter issues problems with their marketing and advertising. That is why with our weekly podcasts, we attempt to discuss and address these that concerns the small and medium business owners. It has been a while since we had a Q&A that is why in this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard answer some of the questions that you, our dear listeners have sent in.

Is it ok to have website that just act as a brochure site? What name should you get for your business? Should you associate it with your name or your town’s name? Will Google Adwords still be effective if you only aim to target a small locality? These are just some of the common dilemmas we’d like to put an end to. So have a listen as we might just answer yours.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
00:32 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast that provides tips to small and medium businesses
01:06 As we get to deal with different people, we encounter different issues and find solution for them
01:47 It has been a while since we last done a Q&A episode
01:58 Today, we will skin the surface of some of these queries
02:11 Our first question comes from a guest David
02:44 He wants a website but is it ok that it remains just a brochure website?
02:56 His point was he may be too busy to update his website and engage with social media
03:25 Having a static website, is that wrong?
03:30 The short answer is Yes, it is wrong
03:38 The website is at the center of your business
03:44 It’s a sales person and an information gathering resource
04:09 Websites can’t jut me made and then left about
04:16 Google hates people who just walk away from the website and rank them down
04:38 Social media is not just like collecting football cards and not about the person with the most number of followers
04:51 Like Facebook, they change the rules all the time
05:35 If you just have a brochure site, you just let people come and go
06:02 We have lightly touched the benefits of a website over Facebook
06:36 Is it better to have a brochure site than nothing?
06:58 But why have a website if you’re not gonna make full use of it
07:18 Many people may be having the same dilemma as this
07:36 It’s not totally wrong and better than nothing but it’s a wasted opportunity to build and engage
08:33 Replying to emails doesn’t take too long and you can reply when it is most convenient for you but the sooner you do it, the better
09:11 For the guest David that asked the question, if you’re not going to put in a full fledged site, perhaps you need to think if business id really for you or perhaps, we should start calling you Ken
10:00 A telephone number found in Google doesn’t really do anything and doesn’t tell anything more than that
10:46 Next question, should I use my name or my area in the business’ name?
10:52 Should the website match it too?
11:28 Ask yourself, “Is there an opportunity that in the future, you may sell this business?”
11:35 If the answer is yes, then having your name in the business is not good
12:33 A good example is KFC whose original name was Col. Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken
12:51 As they realized that he won’t live forever, they started to phase out his name from the business
13:14 However in Australia, there’s a shop named Dick’s Smiths that sells electrical products
13:21 In his mid-thirties, he sold the business yet they retained the name and his face on the logo
14:47 You know that you are in a little town because all the shops are named after the town and that’s a bad idea
14:51 Give yourself something that is marketable
14:55 You should always be checking whether the business name and the web address is still available so that yo know if you can buy both at the same time
15:18 Juts like in David C’s business, Inferno Promotions, Inferno.com has already been used as a wresting-at-home site
16:14 Even if you are a world wide business, having a local business’ name gives the perception that you are a local business
17:18 Having a consultancy named after you, everybody will be looking for you even if you have competent people in your team
18:12 How about the brand names that adapt Latin words or words that don’t exist in the English dictionary
18:42 Some people do it so that they will have a business name and web page that is not yet used
18:57 David C shares that his health insurance is called Bupa
19:44 David P shares that the Royal British Mail changed their name to Consignia
20:02 No one knew how to pronounce it properly and thus reverted back to its old name
20:21 Instead of spending cash to relaunch the brand, it’s better to spend the money to invigorate the brand
20:54 Last question from Juliet, is Google Adwords still valuable marketing source just for local town advertising?
21:14 When we had Mike Rhodes, the Adwords master, in our last few episode, he mentioned that a magician was using Adwords for local area marketing
21:37 You can geographically target Adwords and a great way to do it
22:09 Adwords is just another advertising medium but one of its advantages is that it allow geographic constraining
22:25 Facebook also allow geographic constraining
23:01 Mike Rhodes engages with people using his website, social media
23:14 He reminded us that you can have an exception list with Adwords
24:21 It’s just disappointing that we didn’t get to finish all the questions so let’s just save the remaing few for another week
24:40 Wrap up
24:56 Send in your questions and we’d love to answer them in the following week
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