Ep.54. Are you ready to join the bandwagon of sponsors?

Choosing the best part is tricky when it comes to placing your brand.
Choosing the best part is tricky in placing your brand.

A Swedish medical supplies manufacturer somehow sponsors a small local kids’ soccer team. Who are they marketing to? When is a sponsorship considered charity or an actual means to get return value? In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard share tips and examples for small and medium business owners on how to effectively sponsor in their local communities.

David Counsell advices: Do your marketing. Think about it. Do it well. Talk to your audience. Place the right message in front of your audience. Sponsorship is a great way to do that (and a great way to reach out to the community as well)! You not only help out your favorite local team, but also promote your brand to people who share the same values.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:58 Welcome to David vs. David
01:16 Greetings from the UK and Tasmania
01:46 Today is all about sponsorship: an entry-level form of advertising
02:17 Having a strategy for dealing with sponsorship can result to great value
02:49 On appearing in football teams’ uniforms
03:25 Sponsorship in sporting events deal with large amounts of money
04:04 Sometimes, the entire team or the event itself is sponsored
04:27 We can see the returns of the sponsorship through continual mentions of the brands during the event
05:02 There are also co-sponsors
05:33 Where do you extract value from sponsorships?
05:40 There are incentives built in on sponsored players when they win
06:20 Let’s take a step back: What is sponsorship?
06:52 An example on sponsoring and branding
07:43 We want exposure to the audience of what it is we sponsor
08:08 Not a very effective way: tertiary level of putting a message in front of people
09:05 You want to make sure that your primary method of getting your message at the people must be good
09:32 An example of sponsorship on kids’ soccer team 20 years ago
11:05 Fliers don’t get in to the hands of the people who would do something about it
11:34 You’ve got to spend as much money (on advertising) as with the sponsorship to get the full value
12:00 The overall amount, not just the initial amount spent of sponsorship
12:20 What usually happens is people sponsor teams or events as charity: they forget to follow through after giving the initial amount
13:25 The actual cost for leverage of that sponsorship may be more than the sponsorship itself
14:05 Money used to sponsor just for charity might as well be given to cancer research
15:14 Sampling is a good way to promote your brand, considering the team or event you are sponsoring
15:40 The amount of samples given out may also determine the amount of money put in the team or event
16:44 Find ways to get your product to the people
17:05 Get peoples’ a.)mailing list or b.) get them to guarantee that they will send out emails or letters the we have prepared to their database
17:31 It is important to start looking for additional opportunities beyond just branding
18:10 For local businesses sponsoring local sports teams, consider putting your offerings for a limited amount of time
18:58 Scarcity is working in your favor
19:17 If you sponsor different sports team, your approach should be different with each one, as those different groups of people will have slightly different aspirations
20:00 Most people don’t leverage their money
20:08 Big businesses use sponsorship even at the smallest level
21:01 An example on sponsoring stadiums for public mention during broadcasts
21:48 Another example on sponsoring stadiums: be careful with your approach
22:34 They should have tested their market by renaming some of the rooms inside the stadium
22:47 You got to get the supporters to embrace that level of change so you got to help them be a part of the decision
23:10 As part of the sponsorship strategy, they could have used a “we are sorry” campaign
24:30 Embrace what it is that you are sponsoring
24:49 You’ve got to show that your brand stands with the values of the people you are sponsoring
25:40 On charity: when you are giving someone else money to solve a problem, it is very impersonal
26:45 Wrapping up
26:59 David C summarizes his advice
28:12 Make sure that you promote your brand to your audience; they align with their interests
28:50 Look for people who have similar aspirations to you
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