Ep. 53. #ThrowbackPodcast

Podcast is a thing of today but let’s recall the good old episodes we’ve had for a full year.
Podcast is a thing of today but let’s recall the good old episodes we’ve had for a full year.

Once again, it’s Thursday! Time again for our weekly podcast. Speaking of time, how fast it flies as we mark our first year of giving you helpful insights for your advertising and marketing. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard look back on all the previous episodes and highlight some of our favorites from all the 52 episodes.

Meet all our guests, who became another Davids for the day. Recall our topics on AdWords, SEO and keywords. We have even talked numerous times about Google. We even dared to discuss topics on sex and marketing to women. We’re compressing all those in this half hour discussion. Thanks to all those who are anticipating our episodes each week and welcome to listen back for all our new followers. We look forward to more interesting topics just for you.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
00:43 Greetings from Paradise
01:51 We are on our 1st year of recording podcasts
02:15 We are the perfect example of publishing valuable content regularly
03:00 Regular output is indeed good
03:47 Let’s look back at some of our favorite episodes
04:27 Shoutout to the unseen member of the team, Mai
05:04 And the squirrels… and the rabbits too!
05:17 Throughout the year, we have several guests baptized as Davids
05:34 Recently we had Mike Rhodes, the Adwords expert
05:42 We have split the interview in 3 episodes:
EP. 46. The AdWords Guides for Small to Medium Businesses
EP. 47. AdWords, Bits, Campaigns – The continuation of the ABC of AdWords
Ep. 49. If you can’t get clients the first time, then Remarketing will bring them back to you
06:02 We have thoroughly discussed Adwords and Remarketing
06:22 We also got enormous positive response in our social media accounts
06:53 And speaking of guest Davids, March 1, 2015 will be International Change your facebook name to David
07:10 Everyone will become a David on that day
07:19 After all, David means the honored one
08:00 Prior to that, we also had Brent Hodgson who has developed a software for keywords research, Market Samurai
Ep.19. Become A Masterchef With Our Keywords Recipe
08:35 David P pretended to be a potential client while sitting in the big red chair
09:20 We talked about the basics of building a website
09:36 We have also gained information on using the right keywords to use
10:30 An earlier episode, we talked with Steve Owens
Ep. 7 If there is something strange in your website, who you gonna call? SEO Steve
10:51 SEO Steve shared his practices to make SEO more effective
11:06 We also talked about what you should know about Google, how to upset it or tame it
11:43 We also had Josh Anderson, who built his own online company, Nanacast
Ep 8. He’s not a Nana, he is Josh Anderson
13:14 Another guest David is the talented, Barb Griffin
Ep. 9. Songwriter, Musician, Property Investor… and an internet marketer Barb Griffin
13:30 It was just a controversial episode with the remark about the loud Australian
13:52 It will be no fun having just one David anyway
14:13 We were able to interview the people we met at Internet Marketing Conference
14:25 Another guest was James Schramko, the millionare internet marketer
Ep. 5. James Schramko The Man with a plan
14:43 What he has been doing to sell the expensive cars is the same principle he applied with internet marketing
15:51 Every part of his business, he implemented process that won’t let things slip in the cracks
16:35 It provided tips on running an effective business
18:36 We also spoke with Ryan Spanger discussing about creating videos
Ep.21. How Can Lady Ga Ga Help Your Business Videos?
18:51 He was even able to visit the home of Inferno Marketing and Design and been to the gold room
19:05 He implements a great strategy to put the message across his viewers
19:24 Another great video guy is Michael Hanson
19:34 You can check his works at www.michaelhanson.tv
20:08 Prior to being the video guy, he was a telephone directory advertising representative
20:35 He talked about the threat against the industry of telephone directory advertising with the rise of internet marketing competition
Ep. 10. What the Phone Directory don’t want you to know
20:53 As you see, our previous episodes are indeed worth revisiting
21:10 Throughout the year, we talked about emails, autoresponders, conversion and other important tips for small businesses
21:28 Listening to all our previous episodes are just worth a little bit over a day of listening
22:33 Another invaluable discussion was protecting your online reputation
22:45 We also talked about getting into Google
Ep. 16. Hitting The Online “G spot”
22:53 We have topics discussing about sex marketing and marketing to women
Ep. 31. Sex sells, and you don’t see it coming
Ep.43. Is Your Advertising Talking To The Decision Maker?
23:03 These topics are handled responsibly and provided information that you can use
23:43 Our episode on marketing to women have even stirred discussion with people from different parts of the world
24:09 We also talked about Why men giving flowers can help your marketing
Ep.23. Why Men Giving Flowers Can It Help Your Marketing
24:21 We even talked about the world cup which is very timely at the moment
Ep.24. More Goals Than The World Cup
24:29 Another helpful talk was exhausting your mobile phone for your marketing needs
Ep. 29. How to turn your iPhone into an iKnife
25:23 That episode provided ways on how to overcome obstacles to provide good content
25:44 Every recording each week was just fun, exchanging information and best practices to share to our listeners
26:06 And we keep on reinforcing these ideas for you to become the go-to-guy on your selected field
Ep. 36. Are you A Go-to-Guy?
26:29 It has been a good year indeed
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27:25 Goodbye!