Ep. 50 Marketing 101

The finest marketing is tested in hottest flames and hammered by the best smith
The finest marketing is tested in hottest flames and hammered by the best smith

It is our 50th podcast and if for some people 50 means Gold, we certainly strike it every week. And in this episode, we will talk about linking all the topics we have previously discussed that comprise effective marketing for your business. David Counsell and David Pritchard share valued pointers on the elements of a good marketing.

We have previously learned that product (or the service) is the core of your marketing. But aside from that, how many of you have considered the place of your business or even the weather? And most importantly, have you ever asked your own people if they believe the products in the first place? Join in the discussion and start taking note of the steps you should be taking.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
00:40 Welcome to David vs. David
01:02 Greetings from the UK
01:04 Greetings from Tasmania
01:15 It is our 50th episode of tips and helpful information for your business’s marketing and advertising
01:43 Share it to people whom you think can benefit from listening to us
02:03 Help more people by bringing them in to this podcast
03:04 Let’s talk about Marketing 101
04:05 David P has started with internet marketing 10 years ago
04:15 In his MBA some 15 years ago, he chose the topic of effective internet marketing during the pre-Google era
05:00 The media may have been slightly different but the principles of marketing still apply across the board
05:21 At the end of the day, you need a product or service that people want
05:17 The 4 P’s of marketing have also changed to suit different books and different people
05:28 The 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
05:43 A n essential 5th P: People
06:05 It boils down to asking the questions: Is there a hungry market? Do people actually want the products or services that you offer? Are they willing to pay the price to make your business successful?
07:01 We also have the 4 W’s to consider: Who are you talking to? What is the message you are talking them about? Where should you place it? When do you place it?
07:33 The final W, When is often overlooked a lot
07:41 Many people do not consider the environmental changes happening around them
08:14 For example, selling cars on a hot day is not a good idea
08:25 On an overcast day, however, is a great time to advertise about cars
08:40 David C asks his client to track down also the weather with their records because that makes a really big difference
09:43 15 years ago, the chief executive of an out-of-town retail products blamed the low sales because of the unseasonal good weather during Easter and bank holidays because everyone is in the garden
10:36 Who did well is the store that sells patio equipment
10:47 It is because they didn’t have a good or bad weather plan
11:06 Fly screens are important in Australia, not to mention that they keep the buggers outside
11:06 Fly screen companies advertise during the hot season
11:31 Another company sells fire fighter pumps
11:51 Getting the right ad in front of the right people at the right time makes it effective
12:36 The profile of the hungry market may change depending on the time of the year
13:00 Having a really good product is important
13:18 Having the same product at the same price of everything else isn’t a unique opportunity
13:59 If you can provide unique benefits, that can get you out from the downward spiral of selling your products cheap
14:41 In terms of services, people go to the best providers that they can afford
15:32 Value and price comes hand in hand and great value is key
16:04 Having the best customer service speaks for itself
17:09 There’s nothing worse than being left alone by your servicers
17:28 Fast acknowledgement of the problem and being able to respond to it is good customer service
17:52 Over promising is never good so be honest with what you can offer
18:16 It is important that your staff understand and value you price proposition
18:45 For places, you can sell on a physical store, retail outlets or online but decide which one is the most effective
19:37 For example, if you have a wholesale business and started retail with an online store, then you may upset your clients
20:19 If you’re gonna have multiple channels, make sure that they won’t pose problems
21:05 Once you have decided with the product, the price and where you’re gonna sell it, then you go on with the promotion
21:41 We’ve all talked about this before to present the same congruent message in all medium
22:45 It is important to have all the people in your business lined up singing the same tune and more importantly, believing in it
23:33 Good people are hard to come by sometimes
25:12 People have to love what they do
26:23 The more people in your own organization that believe in your product, the better the value, the better the product, the better the price and everything goes in round
27:15 Wrapping up
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