Ep.51. Killer Headline to Kickstart your Advertising

Does your headline need a work out? You better tone your words and increase the content.
Does your headline need a work out? You better tone your words and increase the content.

We’ve all read random emails and picked magazines from the rack while waiting. But what must have attracted us to choose those? Could it be the image? Or those big screaming words that hook us quickly. Yes, that’s what powerful headlines do. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about headlines and how to write effective ones for your campaigns.

In order to get your message across, your audience must stick to your ad and read or listen all throughout. That is why the first few seconds or first few words are vital to keep their interest. Since we got your attention now, listen to the episode now and get ahead of your pack.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:13 Greetings from Paradise!
01:25 The world is round indeed, with the change of weather
02;39 Today, we will be talking about Headline
02:48 It’s one on the list that you should get right
02:59 It is where you start with every campaign
03:20 It is the hook that draw you into the ad
03:59 Headlines also work with emails
04:14 Headlines in the newspaper entice people to buy it
04:17 The headline on a webpage draws you to read further
04:23 The opening headline is crucial to engage people to follow
04:50 What works and what makes up a good headline?
05:01 What’s in it for the customers?
05:10 What will activate them to take action?
05:36 What are the desires of your customers for your products/services to be?
05:41 Give people a list e.g. 7 Way that will make your car more fuel efficient
05:54 Build this list
06:00 Write the benefits of your products
06:16 Not everybody is doing what you are doing
06:31 Being the first establishes you as the go to person for that industry
06:47 Questions establish curiosity
06:52 Ask questions that invoke response
07:41 Make people engage with the article
07:43 You don’t want to ask negatively
08:42 Have headlines that elicit curiosity and make people move
08:59 The rest of the article then will discuss what you want to say to them
09:26 It too can be quirky as long as it is relevant
10:04 The flip side to the question headline is the command headline
10:07 These are headlines that tell you to do things
10:15 They should be very clear and not fuzzy
10:35 Adjectives and adverbs are important in headlines
11:12 Try to get it in about 8 words
11:31 It is because a person may approximately have 8 seconds to read it
12:00 Write down what you want and start knocking words off
12:40 People buy from desire
13:01 Name check a celebrity
13:14 If you associate your brand with a celebrity, that will stir up people’s curiosity
13:27 You got got be careful though so that they will not sue you for illegally using their name
14:35 The graphics of your headline is also important
14:48 Shame on you if you use comic sans
15:31 Are there different kinds of principles in different platforms?
15:39 The first few seconds and the last few seconds of the radio ads are often confusing to people
16:00 Repetition can be helpful
17:09 Urgency in radio and press headlines is still important
17:29 Scarcity is one of the 21 Immutable Rules of Marketing
17:42 As this podcast is being recorded, an auction of John Lennon’s drawings is held
18:08 Since more people want it and there’s a limited supply, the price hike up
18:43 One place where words are limited is Google Adwords
19:27 With a few words, you should attract online users for the clicks
19:40 Adwords also limit the use of other words e.g. Free
20:20 Many people may have abused the word Free
21:08 You can also have experts talk about your brand
21:15 Experts add intelligent credibility to your ad
22:08 “Not happy, Jen.” Has entered the Australian lexicon because of a mistake in a yellow page ad
22:37 Every headline in different medium doesn’t have to be the same
22:48 Pick your target and write your message
23:27 Newspapers mostly have headlines about weather that instill fear
24:29 Women’s magazine also has enticing headline that makes consumer pick them up
25:47 The use of fear in headlines is valid but you have to be responsible
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