Ep. 48. Can you be the Director of Happiness for your business’s critics?

Can you handle the criticisms and negative feedback online?
Can you handle the criticisms and negative feedback online?

With the ease of searches these days, searching for your business is not that difficult either. But, what comes along with that are 10 or more results from websites you may have not heard of or sites that you have no access to moderate posts. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about criticism on your business and how to handle them the right way.

Several websites put in your company’s detail and allow people to leave comment, leaves you helpless to anonymous comments. How will you defend yourself? How will you solve the person’s issue? All these and more are the points we have diiscussed. Have a listen and start identifying which are the valid criticisms and not. What we certainly want to get rid off are the baseless dislikes and nasty trolls.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
00:56 Greetings from Paradise North, UK!
01:20 Greetings om Paradise South, Hobart!
01:39 We will be talking about something that everybody is worried of, CRITICISM
02:28 Online comments may go ballistic
02:34 A couple from the US had an entire argument with a client over Facebook
02:51 And that even went viral in the cyberspace
03:00 That was a good example of taking a criticism and reacting the wrong way
03:14 There’s nothing you can do with business that everybody will be happy about
03:23 Your job as a business owner is to minimize the negative experience
03:46 David Pritchard shares his experience when he had to contact a web hosting for a clarification to an email they sent
03:58 And he got a response from the Director Of Customer Happiness
04:08 That brought smile to his face along with the resolution to the query
04:25 David Counsell also mentioned that that is what they were calling the receptionist when he was still working for radio
05:00 David P also mentioned about the missed flight he had when he was in the US
05:35 There were 30 people waiting in line for the rebooking and one of them was a big Texan guy who was giving the rebooking officer a hard time
05:55 The big guy said that the officer was representing the company and the airline failed his expectations
06:04 On the contrary, the officer was just sitting calmly, doing the best he could, and patiently explained to people the process
06:33 It was a very admirable characteristic of him to be dealing with the problem professionally instead of running away
07:24 David C also shares his travel story (which also involve another American)
07:47 He missed the EuroStar Train from Paris to London because the machine failed and they had to process the passports manually
08:07 There were about 300 people who missed the train including an American couple
08:20 And this American guy was going nuts when in fact, another train will be available in about 30 minutes
08:49 The French booking officer answered the American guy straight in his face and told him that he needs to shut up
09:28 He continued booking everybody else before booking that guy on
09:43 If you ever see an Australian doing the wrong thing is such situations, you have David C’s unlimited permission to whack them in the back
10:03 Criticisms happens and will happen to everyone
10:27 Criticizing your business may feel like accepting criticisms for your children
10:37 But we need to be calm in order to face them
10:44 Don’t involve your emotions
10:50 It’s not necessarily you that they are criticizing but just an aspect of your business
11:14 David P also share an email he just received from someone about the software guides he was writing and couldn’t believe what it says
11:28 But after a while, he realize that it is not him that is being criticized but about the product
12:26 99% of the criticisms are about the business whether it is the service or the product failing
12:24 There are several ways to respond to these, especially if online
12:55 #1 rule: Do not respond or argue in Social Media
13:02 Find a way, not in the public, to reach with that person directly
13:25 Arguing in social media is like you are arguing with the person in front of your shop and you’re yelling at each other
13:41 There are websites that allow feedback on your business and say that they moderate the comments
13:57 How could that be if they don’t know anything about the business?
14:12 What’s worse is that people can just leave comment behind an anonymous usernames
14:35 With Google places, people can just leave comments and it is very difficult to take down
15:12 Some websites hold information about your business like your location and business number and you don’t know they exist
15:38 A builder that David C was talking with said they haven’t put anything up on the internet so they don’t have web presence
15:44 When they did a search about his business, there were about 15 results that came up
16:12 David C said that he too came across with another website recently who publishes their own information and even the logo and asked them to take it down
16:44 The company argues that they can put it up in their site because it is of public knowledge but David C insisted he wouldn’t want to take part with that
16:55 David C devised a plan to put on an image that links to a video
17:06 The video invites the viewers back to his site where they can leave feedback and these are the ones that are monitored
19:07 There are several complaints but wouldn’t it be better to tell it to the business people yourself?
20:19 It’s not just the right way to criticize but most people pay attention to it
20:50 So how to deal with it the best way?
21:27 If there are comments on a 3rd party website, check if they know about businesses and not just a place for nameless people
21:38 If you need to talk to someone, try to find a way to discuss what is the root of the problem
22:04 But accept the fact that are just some people who’d leave unfair comments
23:23 Problems become bigger in the other person’s eyes
23:51 Make the customer feel that you did your best to resolve it than just rattle
24:03 Most people just need validation that what they think wrong is wrong
24:20 But sometimes, you need to explain also if the situation cannot be fixed
24:58 Criticisms online make you also see what people are telling other people about you
25:31 Can you leverage it?
25:46 Try to talk with the person who laves a negative feedback and once you have resolved the issue, ask them to post also how you were able to solve it
26:50 Wrapping up
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