Ep. 46. The AdWords Guides for Small to Medium Businesses

With the advancement of technology and changes in AdWords, can you keep up when you’re just starting out? Our guest Mike Rhodes (we rather call him David), is sure glad to help.
With the advancement of technology and changes in AdWords, can you keep up when you’re just starting out? Our guest Mike Rhodes (we rather call him David), is sure glad to help.

We have been consistently talking about marketing and advertising, keywords and AdWords. But really, how to set it up for a small to medium business who wants to test the waters. To help us answer that, we invited another expert in the pack, Mike Rhodes. He is an AdWords legend who is currently based in Melbourne. So in this episode, David and David plus another David (just like all our guests) will talk about the changes in AdWords and how it will better work for you.

What are the advantages of AdWords over SEO? How to come up with appropriate keywords? How can AdWords be more cost-efficient for you? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer for you. With all the changes and technological intricacies of AdWords, it may have become more difficult indeed. But you are never late to learn more. So join in the discussion and start thinking how to put in your dollars in this amazing vending machine.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:04 Greetings from Paradise
01:25 We are going to talk about AdWords
01:37 We have another guest David
02:02 Let’s welcome AdWords legend, Mike Rhodes www.websavvy.com.au
02:27 But for now, he will be David Rhodes
02:32 He has been doing Adwords for 10 years now
02:57 There has been 3 complete, major changes with AdWords over time
03:09 In 2004, you would be spending 5-15 Cents per click on ads
03:31 Yahoo then allowed to see what your competitors are bidding
04:27 The whole premise of searches has changed with the release of iPhone
04:46 Because of Siri, context has become valuable
05:21 Previous knowledge with AdWords help you deal with the changes
05:44 Just like before, it easier to maneuver and fly and plane
06:05 But with the new levers and buttons and, it is a lot harder to start today with all the things you can do now
07:15 For small to medium business, it might be harder to find agencies that will manage your account if you’re only willing to spend a few hundred dollars
07:39 But today, we will be willing to share with you to get yourself started
07:53 It may be tricky because some are designed to make Google more money
08:01 Even with advertising, some advertisers should have been more upfront in telling their clients that some problems can only be solved with higher budget
08:31 With AdWords, the better you get at it, the cheaper you get because of quality scores
08:57 What is the advantage of AdWords over normal SEO?
09:04 1. Speed – AdWord is fast
09:16 First and foremost, AdWords is about testing
10:10 AdWords allow you to get test results faster to identify the bad and good keywords
10:17 2. It’s Scalable
10:19 Once you know which keywords work or not, you can invest more on the ones that work
10:52 Assuming that a keyword brings a thousand visitors to your site, the weird thing is that the thousand people who came last month will act eerily similar to the thousand people that will come this month and next month
11:15 If about 60 bought last month, there will be about 60 who will buy this month and next month
11:33 The data is not exact but is consistent
11:46 It’s like if you throw a dollar, it will bring you ten dollars
11;52 A good marketing is like a vending machine and not a slot machine
12:11 AdWords is a vending machine
13:06 How to find good keywords for your business?
13:33 Mike and his team knows understand how Google conducts searches and somehow developed a sixth sense of identifying what’s good or bad keywords
13:38 We are looking for the intent behind every keyword
14:26 The place to start is by talking to friends and family – ask them that if they are looking for your products, how would they search for it?
14:47 You can also leverage what your competitors have done
15:43 Some people just comes up with the most generic keywords and those are too vague
16:56 If you are using a three-word keyword, you can hardly get wrong
17:14 You are more likely to waste money with single word keywords
18:27 Longer tail keywords can be more limiting but you have more chances of the clicks that you are paying for
18:38 Before, you can throw a million keywords and see what will work but now, Google will penalize you for doing so
19:05 Google will mark you down for using irrelevant keywords
19:18 Google wants to see a chain of relevance between the search query and the keywords that are on your account
20:21 If Google sees that you get more click than you competitors, Google will reward you
20:38 Google can put you up higher on the page or you can be charged less
22:15 Starting with less keywords these day is better
22:27 Try to picture an archery target with the bull’s eye in the middle with concentric circles going out from that
22:50 The keywords that you think you can put in the center are most likely the ones that will trigger people to buy
23:02 Some keywords just inform people but won’t continue with the purchase
23:20 Choose something that will make you more profitable
23:48 You can start local at first, say 50 miles around your city
24:40 Also, desktop and mobile do not work the same way so you can turn off mobile in your AdWords account as you are starting out
25:20 Start where it is more likely to be profitable
26:15 If you are more of a business that provides service, mobile searches can be a great tool
26:43 In mobile searches, it shows adwords at the top with some organic results and more at the bottom
27:13 The competition and cost is less in mobile but a lot of websites don’t work properly in mobile
27:40 If your website is not yet properly programmed for mobile, you can go to your AdWrods account and use Click to call only Ad
27:49 You can ask Google to put your number next to the ad
28:06 If you tick that box, Google will then only show the phone number and not a clickable link
28:37 Many clients are getting hundreds of calls with the same amount of the click cost
29:01 It’s almost equivalent of 100% conversion rate
29:08 It is easier for them to reach you than going through the website (that may or may not work properly) and look for the contact us link
29:37 Once they clicked on the ad, you pay immediately
30:18 Quality scores boil down to the click-through rate
30:57 Ads that talk about yourself is not a good ad
31:19 Talk about people’s problems and how you can solve them
31:25 Wrapping up and we will continue on the following week
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