Ep.43. Is Your Advertising Talking To The Decision Maker?

Targeting the right group of women puts your business in a better vantage point.
Targeting the right group of women puts your business in a better vantage point.

Marketing agencies and advertising campaigns are targeting wide demographic groups for different kinds of products are services. But in recent studies, all roads seem to be merging in to one path, that is dominated by women. In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about how women influences the purchasing of the whole household and how should industries marketing towards them.

What car to buy? What house paint to choose? Where to eat? Which tie is better? All these and more are often decided by women or at the very least, cycle of purchases are completed with their approval. Want to be within their radar? Tune in to this podcast and have your messages properly aligned.

In this Podcast

00:00 Opener
01:25 Greetings
02:02 What a crackling sunny day in Paradise North
02:22 Another busy week in Paradise south, helping people with their marketing and advertising
02:33 Today’s topic sprung from a conversation about reaching the decision makers in the homes
03:06 In today’s world, the greater bulk of your marketing should be targeting women
03:36 You can have a marketing message that is targeting men and targeting women
03:50 But you can just have a message that targets women and the men will follow
04:11 If you want visitors to come to a night club, you advertise to women
04:21 An examples of this is free entry for women
05:33 In Australia, a bar doesn’t attract much men visitors because most of their staff are women
05:27 80-85% of purchasing decision are done by women
05:44 There are purchased that are completed by women alone
06:10 There are cases that even if men are the ones who started the purchasing, they seek approval from women
06:51 Happy wife, happy life
06:59 David C shares that their recent purchase of vehicle wouldn’t not push through until the wife would say that they need it
07:59 David P shares an incident of complete;y wrong marketing to women
08:24 The car agent was explaining all the features of a vehicle and said that it has parking sensors which would be very beneficial as he mentions it to his wife as if she can’t park
08:37 He had to back track for half an hour because the missus parks better than him
08:53 91% of all new home purchases are made by women
08:59 92% of vacations are decided by women
09:01 80% of health care are enrolled by women
09:03 89% of bank accounts are opened by women
09:14 93% of the food choices are decided by women
09:59 93% of pharmaceuticals and beauty products are purchased by women
10:06 65% of new car purchases are decided by women
10:13 66% of pc purchases for the home are decided by women
10:37 22% of women shop online at least once a day
10:44 92% of women would pass information along about great deals and bargains
10:56 When you’re talking to women on a sales funnel, you are not talking to one woman alone
11:06 Women are the greatest networkers so you are actually speaking to a small cluster
11:44 171 is the average number of contacts women have in their emails or mobile list
11:51 58% of women said they would ditch the TV if they have to drop one digital device
12:33 74% of women say they are misunderstood by people marketing cars
12:51 84% of women feel they are not understood by investment persons
12:58 59% of women say that food marketers do not get what they are trying to achieve
13:10 70% of the businesses that will be started this year will be started by women
13:49 You can’t be so broad with your demographic of targeting women
13:56 There are several micro-groups in the demographics of women
14:01 There are four main groups under women demographics
14:15 Teenage women – compsed by females from the range of early 20s
14:24 Young single – becoming a big group because women are marrying on a later age nowadays
14:32 Mother – women with children
14:33 Retiree
14:59 There are now more single female households than non-single female households
15:13 The divorce rate of post 50 years old are higher and more are initiated by women
17:19 You cannot run 4 different ads targeting the 4 different groups all at the same time
17:52 Men have different periods in life too. Unfortunately, men are very child-like
19:18 Most of the purchases in hardware shops are decided by women
19:33 You are not selling hardware anymore but lifestyle that is why there are so many outdoor equipment on display
20:20 50% of the purchases in SUV shops are made by women
20:44 Build a relationship with women and build a lifetime value
21:18 Social media is the word of mouth for women
21:20 Women are 10% more likely to use positive words in their circle of friends than men are
21:42 Men are Facebook stalkers and just watch what’s happening
22:08 4 screen viewing is not a problem for David C’s wife
22:19 On average, most people watch tv with another device on their hand
23:00 Even sports are marketed towards women
23:25 It is because sporting games are becoming family activities
24:09 In Australia, there are more women than men
24:12 To break down the demographics, 31% of the 18-34 age group are women
24:19 32% of 35-54 age group are women
24:21 40% of 55 and above age group are women
24:53 Approximately 52% of the population in the UK are women
25:07 Women spend 80% all of the dollars on clothing for the household
25:15 60% of that money is spent on men’s clothing
25:54 would women market better than men?
26:11 Only 3% of the creative directors in advertising are women
26:26 Women don’t respond very well to women voice overs in advertisements
28:22 Make sure that your marketing messages express the benefits to attract the biggest buying group in the marketplace
28:38 In some developing countries, there are lending organizations that lend only to women for micro business
29:41 Sharpen your marketing mind to address the right people
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