Ep. 41. Are you an exhibitionist?

Ready to step in the spotlight and bare it all?
Ready to step in the spotlight and bare it all?

David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about preparing for exhibiting at an exhibition.

Are you aware that you can have both offline and online presence? Conscious of how your booth looks like or where it will be situated? These and others may just be some of your concerns that we’d love to answer. But more than that, we’re here to remind you of the core purpose of going, to an exhibition is to develop a network and build your database as well as making sales. So have a listen and take a peek of what’s going on.

In this Podcast
00:00 Opener
00:50 Greetings from paradise
02:02 Let us talk about exhibitions
02:18 David Pritchard is an exhibitionist himself
02:43 Trade exhibits lost its luster with the advent of the internet
02:56 Many people thought the effect of exhibits if they can show using the internet
03:11 Exhibits don’t come in cheap
03:24 Exhibition can be very rewarding
03:51 Before going to an exhibit, make sure you have offline and online presence
03:56 Offline is being on the actual exhibit
04:02 But also, put something in your webpage for more information
04:21 You don’t have to make the same offer for those who went and didn’t go to the exhibit
04:35 Build a database
04:42 Many people just stack the information slips they have collected and do nothing with it
05:08 Some people are not prepared what the exhibits can offer them
05:59 It is ideal to capture these information digitally at the same time you gather them
06:44 You can exhaust technology to automatically place the contacts in your autoresponder list
07:13 Follow up is the first thing you need to do after the exhibit
08:00 You would not want for people to slip through
08:09 As a rule of thumb, you got to prepare not just the booth but your people as well
09:06 It has to be thought of before hand
09:16 The image of your booth is important but there is a lot more than that
09:32 What you want is engagement with people
10:05 You have to maintain the connect you built with the people who visited your booth
10:21 You have to have well-trained staff
11:34 Make sure that they understand your message
11:46 You can conduct role playing with your team before going in to an exhibit
12:00 You too should know how to divert people politely so you can attend to others as well
12:11 You too should be prepared with people who might know more than you do
12:21 There are also some delicate visitors
12:30 You too should know how to spot people who is more worthy of your time
13:26 You can have someone who can intercept and continue the conversation so you can free yourself from that person
14:20 Choosing the right exhibition is important
14:31 You have to be at the right type of exhibition and that the right type of people and business should be joining to make it beneficial for you
14:41 If you sell business to business, make sure you are at a trade show and not a consumer show
15:06 It is worthwhile as well to be in an exhibition where you stand differently from the others but it involve a fine line of judgment
15:34 You can do your own research about the exhibition and not just rely solely on the organizers
15:43 You can ask for a list of the previous exhibitors
15:54 If it is a first time exhibition, make sure that you have the right to pull out
16:08 You can also negotiate not just with the price but also with what comes with that stand space
16:33 Ask if you can have access to the general list of database before, during ot after the exhibit
16:54 Ask for the details if there is a printed programme
17:10 Dare to ask because most people don’t know that they can negotiate
17:41 Make sure you get all the images before the exhibit and you can post it in social media sites
17:51 You can raise your profile by tweeting about the exhibition
18:02 David Pritchard shares his experience about his techniques ho he raised his profile before the exhibition by posting great images in social media sites
18:41 You too can maximize your presence while you are there
18:49 You can set-up post to be rolled out on the actual event
19:02 You can exhaust direct mail to drive people to your stand or your page
19:33 Check of there are local media who need respondents or interviewees
20:01 You can write up stories that will make it interesting for people to look at the exhibition and your stand
20:14 David Pritchard shares again about the picture he gave to the organizers to create a social media wave
20:41 If you help the organizers, they will help you
21:20 It can also help you increase your position for the following year
21:30 David Counsel talks about the positioning in an exhibition
22:03 Don’t get sold easily with the benefits that the organizers are telling you
22:12 Work out where you are in the floor plan in relation to the flow of traffic
23:50 You need to have something that will tell what you have for passing people to see
23:59 Don’t create space barriers
25:31 Don’t be afraid to ask other exhibitors especially the ones that have previously joined exhibitions
26:06 It is a good way to for networking
27:27 Do your research and attend other exhibitions
27:48 Wrapping up
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