Ep.33. Compressed marketing lesson in our Q&A portion I

Got marketing questions? We might just have the answer for you!
Got marketing questions? We might just have the answer for you!

As we always say, you are not alone in this new age of marketing. Have questions that you’ve been harbouring? Afraid that you’re the only one experiencing problems? Blurt it all out – we’d love to help.

In this episode, we’ve answered some of our listeners’ most common questions.

Should you still be doing SEO now that Google has updated its algorithms? What should you update first on your website? How do I make a radio commercial? These are just some of the questions in our first installment. Have a listen and take a short cut to the solutions of all these media problems you might encounter.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Welcoming you to the world of internet and marketing
01:53 Introduction to our Q&A episode
02:17 We are starting off with a question from Carol
02:24 Should you still be doing SEO or has Google changed everything with their recent update?
02:37 There’s a little bit of yes and no…
02:47 There’s a lot of practices to improve SEO but they are manipulative to some degree
03:46 What are the old methods that Google disapprove of now?
03:59 Google wants to provide the best results to people searching
04:46 You build a website to reach the people you want to reach
04:49 SEO is about people finding your website
05:15 If Google results produce rubbish because of people manipulating them, then people would stop going there
05:41 There are multiple physical ways to drive people to your website
06:07 Google wants your site to have good content
06:18 Before, the focus was on the keywords which was used to manipulate the system
06:26 Google Algorithm is wiser now
06:37 SEO is not just about keywords but also about producing decent results
06:51 Keep your focus on providing valid information
07:06 Google has changed its algorithm to stop people manipulating the system
07:30 But the fundamentals are the same: keeping good content
07:52 You got to mention your website to be codeable
08:17 Link building has been popular with Seo in the past few years
08:31 Link building is having other websites linking to you website to indicate your site has some relevance
08:50 People then started using cheap links to create link profile
09:27 Google just become more clever to stop these manipulations
09:36 Google is now getting more direct information from Google+
10:26 The most valuable links you can have are from Google-owned sites
10:49 We don’t know how Google works but we you can work out how likely it is going in the future
11:20 Google and Facebook are at war
11:27 Facebook recently introduced News Feed to keep you in their universe and Google wants the same
11:48 Same with YouTube, if you stay longer, they can show you more advertisements
12:16 Google updated Google glasses
12:35 And they just paid half a billion dollars for an artificial intelligence breakthrough
13:30 Since Google is getting more clever, you can use different ways to promote your website
14:21 Put more content that leads to your website
14:56 We are halfway through the show and have just answered one question
15:26 Another question from Steven
15:32 Question: What should I update first in my website?
15:48 It’s about content
16:20 Get it out there and have the updates slowly
16:50 Your website is the center of your marketing world
17:29 David P mentions about Stephen King having a reader who provides him with honest feedback
17:58 Stick with a person, not a committee
18:36 If you only have about 10 people visiting your site, the color won’t matter
19:23 Drive more traffic to your site and capture it
19:40 There are billboards that have no contact number
19:56 The best website is useless if there are no visitors
20:39 Whatever you do, you want a return of investment
21:07 David C talks about the overcharged billboard
22:15 Some people don’t understand how to calculate return of investment and the value of it
22:53 Another question from Ken: What is the best way to buy radio advertisements?
23:12 Same answer: Return of investments
23:17 Find out what is the best time of the day that you have your customers tuned in
24:41 You will find that quarter in an hour that you can target in biggest possible number of your target customers
25:51 Radio stations deal with cumulative audience and average audience
27:27 We hate people wasting money
27:38 Wrapping up
27:53 We’ll answer more questions in our next episode
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