Ep. 28. The Fast and the Furious: Online Drift

The only traffic you want to be in is the path leading to your business.
The only traffic you want to be in is the path leading to your business.

Stuck in a heavy traffic? Cool down and spend your time listening to this week’s Podcast. In this episode, David and David discuss about a different kind of traffic. It’s the online route leading to your business.

Your website is up and running but no visitors dropping in? It is time to drive your customers to the right path. SEO, Social Media, Traditional Advertising, Direct mail, Networking events, and forums are among the many methods of building traffic towards your website. Have a listen and learn these shortcuts for a smoother driving. After you get through that jam is a good cricket game waiting.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Talking about sports
03:13 Traffic: Getting people to come to your website
04:11 How to drive people from your websites to close the deal personally
04:49 Selling your business first and not the end product
06:02 Your website being a sales person
06:51 You don’t have to have an e-commerce site but keeps door open
07:03 Misconception that a website is an online shop
07:15 the success of Amazon
07:33 A website that encourages engagements
09:09 Become virtually everywhere because of websites
10:07 Methods of driving traffic to your site : SEO, Adwords etc.
10:44 Facebook adwords, Twitter experimatation and Pinterest business aspect
11:23 Don’t rely on social media assets that might disappear one day
11:45 Participate in forums
12:18 Traditional advertising: Radio, TV and print
12:53 Direct mail and flyers
13:22 Writing guest blogs
13:55 And the cricket interjects
14:28 Networking events
14:39 Business card
15:36 You want people to keep our business card
16:34 Think of how the recipient gets to use your business card
16:59 Email Marketing
17:11 Public relations
17:38 Black Friday
18:17 Evening purchase events in the UK
19:51 Advertising on other people’s website
20:08 Never underestimate the value of a promotional item
21:29 SEO is not easy and not free
23:08 65% of people said they never clicked on the online ads
23:43 You can set the amount for your online advertisements
24:17 Better scores and more fitting keywords can cost less ads
25:48 David C talks about tweaking a client’s website information
27:14 With the main media, be clear with what you want people to do
28:01 Solve people’s problems in forms by driving them back to your site
28:45 Send email information to your database contacts
29:03 Traffic = right website + right keywords + right message
29:17 Direct mail is not dead
30:38 Internet can expand the potential group waiting for your products or services
31:24 People will choose a shorter route to solve their problems
33:09 Businesses cluster in certain areas because that is where people go
34:18 Help customers identify the benefits of doing business with you
35:37 We love 5 star reviews on iTunes
35:47 You can reach us at www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid or www.davidversusdavid.com
36:31 Goodbyes