Ep.24. More Goals Than The World Cup

Step on the gas and rev up your goals
Step on the gas and rev up your goals

You’ve been working till the wee hours in the evening and wake up the day after early. You may have asked yourself, “Where is it all leading to?” To answer that, you need goals! In this episode, David ad David veer away from discussing marketing strategies but tackled another important topic, setting up goals for your business.

Join in the discussion as they share best practices how to start setting your goals and how you can keep up with it. Fuel that passion and reward your hard work for every pit stops you reach. We know you want to drive that luxury car on your way to bigger success.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:42 Springtime for rabbits!
02:43 Setting up goals for business
03:45 People don’t have particular goals
04:49 Achieve goals through small steps
05:05 The importance of writing business plan
06:02 Putting up your goal in the wall
07:09 Decide why you want to work
07:27 Make yourself accountable for your goals
08:56 Sharing your goals with the whole staff
10:27 People have a stake in their company
11:12 Put down the ultimate goal and work backwards
11:37 Technology changes
12:15 From little things, big things grow
13:09 You can be successful
13:28 You can do whatever in life, as long as you’re happy
14:02 The leading mentalities of successful people
14:49 If you have nothing, what worst thing can possibly happen?
15:21 Pat yourself in the back
15:36 No one holds the King accountable
15:57 Celebrating small steps along the way
16:49 Never be afraid to celebrate doing something good
17:08 Set priorities
17:15 Don’t start with the quick and easy
18:05 Set dead-drop dates
18:40 Test and measure
19:02 Identify the target
20:02 Specify the path towards your goal
20:58 Think of things that are holding you back but don’t make excuses
21:30 Stretch your goals
23:03 Challenge and reward
23:32 Tools to measure your goals
25:28 Wrapping up
26:15 Healthy competition is good
26:34 Thank you to those who reached us via social media
27:24 Special thanks to our clients
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29:13 Goodbyes