Ep.23. Why Men Giving Flowers Can Help Your Marketing

Seasonal marketing is done before the calendar says it’s about to start.
Seasonal marketing is done before the calendar says it’s about to start.

You know that your business is a big hit when the right season kicks in. But should you just rely for the downpour of customers at your doorstep when every other business is shouting to promote theirs? In this episode, David and David discuss why it pays to market early and roll out your strategies months before your expected events.

Afraid that the bigger stores will get all the business? Finding your niche can help you serve your customers better and prevent them from panic buying in the next gasoline stop. And you also help them save from buying flowers to apologize for missing that date.


In this Podcast
00:00 Introduction
01:50 Recording episodes for stock
02:45 Advertising and marketing for seasonal events
02:55 Asking when you should advertise
03:40 Marketing for Valentine’s Day
05:16 Your work should have been done months before the event
05:55 Demand and product cost increase because of the season
06:24 Working below the line
06:40 Making it loud as possible when everyone is quiet
07:30 The noise that the enormous furniture store makes
08:07 Finding your niche
09:01 The category killers
09:22 How David can fight Goliath?
09:42 Using reltionship marketing techniques
10:50 Adding lifestyle information to your customers
11:20 A flower shop strategy
12:42 Setting up an auto responder
13:42 Benefits of working early
14:20 Building engagements for different seasons
14:52 Why do men give flowers?
16:38 You should give flowers often
17:30 Verifying the success of marketing
18:30 Discounting is not a good strategy
19:33 Preserving the image of the brand
20:00 Testing the measures and criteria
21:02 You should convert your visitors to customers
22:25 Using early marketing techniques
24:00 Testing your wording with the right message
25:03 Different businesses may invest early on with marketing
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26:15 Goodbyes!