Ep.26.Where Does Your Next New Customer Come From? Are You A Conquest Marketer?

Hungry for new customers? Prepare because customer hunting is more than a game.
Hungry for new customers? Prepare because customer hunting is more than a game.

We have been talking about marketing your business but do you have what it takes to bring in more customers and serve them all? In this episode, David and David discuss about conquest advertising and provide steps on how you can acquire new customers.

Several examples and methods have been cited of what other businesses are doing to promote their own services or products. Have a listen to the podcast and learn the ways of hunting.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:32 Talk about the changing season
02:16 Recap of last few weeks’ episodes
02:43 Have you heard of conquest advertising?
03:00 Defining conquest advertising
04:00 Conquest advertisers as the hunters
05:36 Importance of balance of conquest marketing and relationship marketing
05:45 Do you have the capacity to serve new customers?
07:03 What is “Churn”?
08:41 Churn rates of banks
09:47 Methods of conquest advertising
10:13 Conquest marketing is all about the message
12:11 Important element of conquest marketing message
14:21 Conquest marketing vs. relationship marketing
16:01 Importance of guarantee
16:40 Advertising what you don’t do
17:41 Posing a clear and clever marketing message
18:25 Elements that are played in conquest marketing
19:01 Example of a milk marketing strategy
20:50 Automotive marketing
21:52 David P’s car repair experience
24:02 From conquest marketing to relationship marketing
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