Ep.18. Don’t Tell The Wiggles, But The Big Red Chair Is Rev’ed Up And Ready To Go

Be treated as a valued client you want your customers to feel.
Be treated as a valued client you want your customers to feel.

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to set up your business online. If it confuse you how to pave the road for online customers, sit back and relax in that comfy chair and listen as David Counsell and David Pritchard give out important points about creating a website for your business.

What domain name should you be using or in what platform your site will be loaded? Is there an online market for your business?

Have a listen and deciding for all these may become simpler for you, that you may want to call yourself David too.



In This Episode

00:00 Introduction
01:19 Slowly turns the world to be named David
02:08 Setting up your business online
03:03 Sit on the big comfy chair
03:31 Important questions before setting up online
03:47 What is your domain name?
04:33 Doing your market research
05:05 Is there an online market for your business?
05:29 Run survey
05:50 Online branding vs. physical store
06:29 Deciding the appropriate domain name
06:58 An example of an online music store
08:03 Finding your target customers
08:50 Registering domain names
10:50 Avoiding hyphens
11:50 Capitalizing the first letters on the domain
12:48 Words to avoid for your 11 year-old self
13:25 Deciding the back end of  your website
14:05 WordPress? Joomla? or Drupla?
14:35 Using wordpress as easy as MS Word
15:39 WordPress themes
17:34 Asking help and reading further
19:14 Using the internet to reach people anywhere
20:30 Using quality photos
22:41 Avoid bouncing off online visitors
23:35 Getting pass the flash elements
24:34 Avoiding the “loading bar”
25:15 Your website is about the customers
26:16 Wrapping up
26:58 Give us 5 star reviews and like us on facebook, www.facebook.com/DavidversusDavid
and visit our website, www.DavidVersusDavid.com
27:27 Naming the rest of the world David
28:08 Goodbyes!