Ep.17. When the Google Empire Strikes Back

Be a menace and end a phantom in cyberspace.
Be a menace and end a phantom in cyberspace.

Previously, David Counsell and David Pritchard discussed how Google can promote your website. But the big G can be also be ruthless and immediately rake you down once found guilty with your mischief. Oh and yeah, trust that you can be found not on the top list by your customers but on Google’s hit list.

Are you still publishing your blogs using someone else’s articles? Or are you hiding keywords in your site just to build traffic?

Listen to this week’s discussion and learn what not to do to avoid his wrath. I know you’d rather stick to his allegiance than converge with the dark side.


In this Podcast

01:45 Talks about the bad google
02:25 Things that google hate
02:31 Duplicate content
03:07 Google has it’s ways of finding out plagiarized content
05:26 Duplicating the content within your site won’t help you either
06:40 Keyword stuffing
08:24 Content manipulation
08:58 Company sued for misleading keywords
09:45 Black hat
10:24 Link building
11:37 Google can find manipulated links
14:11 Legitimate ways of putting your links
16:02 Answer questions in forums to establish authority
16:17 Post in Google groups
16:30 Driving traffic through links
17:34 The importance of naming your images
18:14 Another (creative) way of posting pictures
19:30 Naming multiple photos
20:47 The effects of non-mobile friendly sites
21:05 Having a shareable site
21:18 Broken links
22:09 Google doesn’t like what humans don’t like
22:29 Using Google +
23:15 Future updates with Google
24:37 Wrapping Up
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25:36 Goodbyes!