Ep 16. Hitting The Online “G spot”

Are you geared to turn from zero to a Google hero?
Are you geared to turn from zero to a Google hero?

Google can be a big help in promoting your businesses. In this Podcast David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the different Google Products and how can you use them to promote your sites for searches.

Ever heard of establishing blogging authority? Are you using the right “G” tools or should you hand it over to the experts?

Listen to the podcast and develop your own pattern in using these tools readily available for you.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Your business problem ain’t unique
02:41 How to make your websites google friendly
03:50 Google loves original content
04:56 Parts of the website that will help you establish your credibility
06:14 Writing catch phrases that will rank your site up
07:31 Write for human and not for computers
08:19 Rescuing a dethroned google search hit
08:56 Putting captions in every images
10:20 Advantages of knowing how google works
10:55 Establishing the authority of the people writing
11:59 Leading the traffic to your site through links
13:04 Building authority through guest blogging
13:47 DIY vs. professional website developer
15:24 Updating is more than changing themes
16:04 Jotting down a content plan
17:33 Writing more articles for more keywords and tons more of combinations
18:54 Google maps leading the way to your  websites
19:04 Video search through YouTube
22:04 A list of google products that will help you
22:46 Having a privacy statement
23:16 Robot files on your site
24:30 Looking for professional help
25:04 Wrapping up
25:12 Give us 5 star reviews on iTunes
25:18 Visit us at www.facebook.com/davidversusdavid or www.davidversusdavid.com
25:40 Goodbyes!