Ep.15. If Nana’s and Hipsters Can Do It You Can Too, Blogging for Business

There is more to this four-letter word.
There is more to this four-letter word.

Blogging has totally evolved  in different aspect, formats and usage. For this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about blogging for business and how it can be a new way to engage with new and existing customers. With its varying form, it doesn’t just have written but can be in audio or video  format.

Can business bloggers deviate from the image of the hipsters and young travelers? And how can it possibly replicate social interactions in actual engagements?

Join in the discussion and start telling your stories. And oh yes, listening becomes better with your own pack of biscuits.


In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Hobart – the 2nd friendliest city in the world
02:39 Introduction to blogging and its development for business
03:20 Blogging for communicating with exisiting and potential customers
04:30 How the bloggers expanded from young travelers, to hipsters to business owners
04:56 A story of a photography blogger
05:30 Importance of telling a story
06:43 Variations of blogs by recording audio or video
06:59 How to record audio or videos for storytelling
08:53 Reaching a wider audience with the different mediums with blogging
10:05 The importance of engaging your audience
10:43 Expanding the content of your websites with frequent posts
12:23 Linking back to your homepage
12:46 Creating a Frequently asked questions pages
14:01 What are the popular search engine terms
14:38 Providing the answers online
15:46 Replicating the social interaction in actual engagements using online means
16:37 Creating raving fans
17:48 Chocolate digestive biscuits vs. Tim Tams
19:07 More on Lamington
20:38 How to effectively implement a blog
21:02 Scheduling blogging to develop a habit
23:36 No to plagiarized work
24:00 Building contents by answering questions about your product or service
25:27 Mind mapping questions to develop your thoughts
26:38 Wrapping up
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28:51 Goodbyes!