EP 117. Choosing the Best Media for your business

Broadcast, online or print? There's more than one ways to market and advertise. But how would you pick the one?
Broadcast, online or print? There’s more than one ways to market and advertise. But how would you pick the one?

The word “best” is relative in the realm of marketing and advertising. What works for a business may not neccessarily work for you. But in fact, all media works. You just have to pick the right message to your target first, not the other way around.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the different kinds of media that you can use to share your messages or post your ads. If you’re still letting your 16-year olds nephews or the younger ones to manage your Facebook Pages, then this one is for you to check out. Have a listen.

In this Episode

00:00 Welcome to another episode of David versus David, the Podcast for small to medium businesses where we talk anything to about everything in marketing and advertising
02:59 Today, we will be talking about how to pick the right marketing tool
03:19 When do you use the tools for your marketing
03:48 Do you know when to pull out a marketing ad
04:40 Who sets up your Facebook posts?
05:03 Who manages your business’ Facebook Page?
05:55 What is the end goal of your media?
06:42 How do you create messages for your Facebook posts?
06:19 Do you build story arches before you post?
07:41 How do you write call to action in your posts?
08:31 How many times do you post Facebook posts? Do you repeat posts?
09:00 What is the better time of the day for your business to have your posts?
11:23 Images you should use for Facebook
12:27 Do you have an automatic playback for your videos?
12:38 How do you capture people’s attention if they don’t want videos playing automatically?
12:54 Are your video tease lines interesting enough?
13:51 How do you start writing for a radio ad
16:56 When to have your radio ad scheduled
16:28 How do people listen to radio?
16:44 How does Podcast work
16:53 How do people consume television
17:31 How do you place television ad
18:10 What time are your customers watching tv
18:45 How long are your customers listening to radio
19:18 What are the factors to consider in placing the ad
19:57 Common mistakes of small to medium businesses in writing their ads
21:25 What are the ad points for Twitter
22:15 How to write call-to-action in Twitter
22:43 How can Twitter work for businesses
23:02 Is Twitter for your business
27:17 How to use Facebook to build relationship
28:32 Email vs. Facebook posts
29:50 We still have more types of media to discuss but we will continue that in our next week’s discussion
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