EP. 116 Selling the Story

You just do not sell the end products, you also sell stories or experience.
You just do not sell the end products, you also sell stories or experience.

People would sometimes complain about the high price of top brands, may it be in cars, restaurants, bags or even hammers. But what most don’t understand, the luxury tag from these things are not just from the products themselves but more from the story behind them.

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the selling the story, or as they call it, the sizzle. How do you identify the feature from the benefit? How do you sell the latter? And how can you make people buy you, your people and your company, before they actually make the final purchase? Have a listen in today’s conversation and learn more.

In this Podcast

01:00 Welcome to another episode of David versus David, the Podcast for small to medium businesses where we talk anything to about everything in marketing and advertising
03:54 Today, we will be talking about selling the solutions
04:17 Do you know that people want stories
07:53 How do you sell stories?
05:19 Are people after just the end product, especially in food?
05:50 How do you sell the sizzle or the story?
07:39 Do you remember the experience when you go to a place or restaurant? That is where your extra payment go to.
08:44 Sometimes, the experience is more memorable than the actual product.
09:21 How do you feel with exceptional service?
10:20 What are you actually selling?
11:24 Are wine houses just selling the product?
12:02 Elite brands like Louis Vuitton has top-of-the line products only available to a few people
13:06 What are the extreme end of the stories in selling?
13:23 If you have 20 types of products, how do you sell them with stories?
14:06 How can you make people buy the “extra”?
14:23 Where do you fail in selling benefits?
14:35 How to sell benefits over feature
14:51 What is the benefit versus feature?
16:47 Benefits enhance the beauty of the feature
18:15 Sell the benefits and not the feature
19:15 Are you also selling yourself or your company when you offer your products or services?
20:56 How do you explain to people without a condescending tone?
21:37 How do you remove the jargons when you are selling the benefits?
22:22 Treat customers like friends or relatives that you haven’t seen in a long while
24:09 Removing jargons in business conversations remove the obstacles
24:43 Can visitors understand your webpage or all a jargon to them?
25:00 Or is your website doesn’t indicate any benefit at all?
25:24 You know what you the problem, and explain how the benefits of your products or service can solve it
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