Ep. 111. Big Facebook Changes that will affect your business

More than the look, typeface or layout, there are more changes in Facebook that affects your page and your business.
More than the look, typeface or layout, there are more changes in Facebook that affects your page and your business.

Whenever we talk about changes and updates, you might be thinking that we’re talking about the big G. But bear in mind that there is another online giant that may or may not affect your business. In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about some of the recent changes in Facebook that will that can help you manage your page to engage more with your followers.

Do you want to be top of your follower’s news feed? Or have a pixel that monitors your website visitors activity to follow them on Facebook. Soon, you too can send money or utilize bluetooth. To learn more about this, join in the conversation and learn more.

In this Podcast

01:00 Welcome to David versus David
04:22 Let us talk about the new Facebook features
04:49 What are the Facebook changes can do for you?
05:03 Everyday, something is changing in Facebook but what are the ones that impact your business?
05:33 It is always worth keeping abreast with Facebook updates
05:48 You can now encourage your fans to have your posts appear on their news feed first
06:30 How can you make this?
07:50 If you do this, people will expect updates from you from time to time
08:22 Have a reason to make people like your page and prioritize your posts
09:03 Remember the time when all those who advertise wants to appear on the 3rd page of the newspaper?
09:37 There’s also that option in main media with a corresponding pay off
10:00 Identify your raving fans and those who are just waiting in line to be converted
11:07 The next feature is still in a roll out phase in the US and UK
11:24 What is the tracking pixel in Facebook?
11:40 The pixel is attached is not attached in your Facebook page but in your webpage
12:11 What you want is to make your ads appear on their Facebook page
13:14 This enables you more information on how people interact with your website
13:52 Another feature in a roll out has something to do with bluetooth
16:29 Look for the beacon facility
16:47 Now, it is also being rolled out to send money to your Facebook friends
18:19 It may be in competition with Google Wallet or Apple pay
20:04 Facebook also now has a Buy, Swap and sell that is trying to compete with Ebay
21:05 This option will soon allow paying directly from Facebook
24:04 And there good option is saved replies that will save you time from answering the same questions you receive
25:09 It can easily answer queries for you like your business hours
26:26 Another one is having leads ads but that still is in limited testing mode where you can let people subscribe in to newsletters with only a 2-click process
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