Ep 11. Database’s, Not Big Brother, Big Buck’s

Working with a Database
Working with a Database

David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about getting the most out of your database.

Databases are one of the most neglected assets a business has, which is such a mistake as they are a source of opportunity and extra sales.

Like muscles a database has to be used regularly so it grows to become stronger.




In this Podcast
0:00 Introduction
2:37 How do I get a database?
3:00 If someone goes to your website how do you know they were there?
3:47 What tools do you need to build a database?
4:20 Forms
5:12 Avoid Anti Spam problems
6:12 Incentives to join a database
8:00 Your database is part of the goodwill of your business
8:46 How big should your database be?
9:12 What do you use your database for?
12:20 It’s all about relationships
16:09 Tell me a story don’t just ask me to buy something
17:46 Provide useful information like Tesco’s
18:45 Think about what products go together to increase sales
19:50 Merchandising your shop
21:00 Building the information over time
21:30 Privacy statement
22:55 How much should I send out?
24:20 Let the buying cycle of your product determine how often you have to talk to your database
26:10 Targeting niches in your database
26:50 Creating engaging content
28:40 Can you repurpose any of your content and information?
29:19 Why won’t people open my emails?
30:15 Re-engaging people on your database
31:12 Should you worry about people unsubscribing from your database?
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35:30 Herd the cats together… Bye Bye from Paradise

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