EP.109. Converting your Facebook followers to website customers

Don't just let people like your page and leave. Make them cross to your website and get the purchase rolling.
Don’t just let people like your page and leave. Make them cross to your website and get the purchase rolling.

Many businesses are successful in gathering people to like their social media accounts, Facebook in particular. Unfortunately, many cannot course through that same number of people to their actual websites. Why is that so? That is such particular question of a business lodge located in South Africa.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard tackle the issue of why businesses cannot convert their Facebook followers to visit their websites. As we often said, likers are good but we need cash. Don’t just let people to stall on your Facebook page but make them do the actual purchase. Have a listen now and learn how.

In this Episode

00:38 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium sized business owners where we discuss all things about marketing and advertising
03:55 Today, we will respond to an inquiry from a lodge business located in South Africa. We received this in our Facebook page
04:50 They want to seek help how to convert people from Facebook to their website
05:41 Followers are great but at the end of the day, what you want is to convert these people to dollars
06:00 How do you convert people from your social media accounts to your website?
06:24 They have great photos and good relationship but there are no call to action
0 7:21 How important is call to action?
07:44 Establishing a relationship is great but you need to make an offer
08:14 How do you make your content shared?
08:38 Do you know where your target customers are?
08:54 There is a tool in Facebook that can help you extract these information that you need
09:47 Who is your customer?
11:38 How did the people get to end up in their lodge?
12:23 You have different ways of communicating to people
12:56 The call to action makes people sign-in and not just leave them attracted doing nothing
14:36 You can target the people that likes the other Facebook Page that are related to your business?
15:19 How can you jump at the back of marketing of other business?
16:45 You can market to people who have signed up already because there are chances that they will come back
17:16 What are the other activities that may be related to your business?
18:15 Are there personal events that can also be linked to your business that will lead people to you?
18:50 You need to increase your exposure in front of more people by using social media to promote your business
19:31 All marketing and advertising revolves on solving the problem that your business can handle? How can you show that to people?
19:40 Create a niche that talks to a particular group of people
20:29 How do you become more clever than the rest of the competition?
21:28 You need to figure out who makes the decision for the actual purchase
22:25 What is unique with your business and how can you make that stand out?
23:16 What can you make your business be a better option for the customers
24:08 Create stories and make other business that can support you follow your social media accounts
25:27 You can place ads along business that has influences to your end customers
25:29 If you want to go with Facebook Ads, make sure you exclude the people who already liked your page
26:31 More than the likes, you want people to actually go to your webpage now
28:37 Jump at the back of other interesting stories as well
29:09 If you have a good business, you need to tell people why and have a call to action to make them actually go to you
31:38 The next batch of people that will go to your business will be the friends of your previous clients
32:37 Make sure that your message is there when needed
33:04 Follow these tips to use Facebook more effectively
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