EP.108. How to create a quality marketing content

In this multimedia age, content is no longer limited to words. How would you “write” yours?
In this multimedia age, content is no longer limited to words. How would you “write” yours?

Setting up a website or taking a plunge in social media for your business account is not the end of building an online presence. You have to continue updating and providing information to your audience to keep it up active and relevant. Thus, you need to take the continuous journey of building content. But how do you supply content for your marketing?

In this episode. David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about creating a good quality content. Where can you draw inspirations? Do you have to spend money to create content? How do you sustain people’s interest? These are just some of the questions that will be answered today. So have a listen now and join the discussion.

In this Podcast

00:43 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business talking about marketing and advertising
01:03 Greetings from David Pritchard and David Counsell
02:03 Today, we will talk about creating content
02:19 Content is at the forefront of what makes a good website
03:11 At the heart of a website is the content
03:24 Content Marketing talks about the actual content of your website and the content that generates search engine optimization
04:07 What are the forms of content marketing?
04:25 Content marketing is not only limited to online content
06:17 What are the benefits of content marketing?
07:32 How much are you spending to create content?
07:55 Some are spending a third of their marketing budget to create content
08:26 Creating content that people will love is very important
08:44 Inbound vs Outbound marketing
10:11 Are you providing the solution to people’s needs?
10:31 How can you tell people that you have the best reason behind their problem’s resolution?
11:40 Before you write your content, think of the purpose
13:08 Focus on the goal of the content
13:17 Here’s a short exercise on how you can practice writing goals for your content
14:09 Do you set your customer profile?
15:24 Where do you find content?
16:24 How can bullet points can get you a headstart writing your content?
19:11 Look for headlines that can inspire you to generate your own content
20:03 How much worth is the headline of an article?
22:17 How do you make the people keep reading?
24:13 Make people don’t want to lt go of your content until they are done
24:29 But keep it short, sharp and shiny
25:36 Make sure that when you write your content, you thought of the medium where it will be published
26:14 Maximize the format where you will be putting them to
26:44 Look at other people’s content to drive inspiration on how can you communicate your message
27:40 Consider that people are not buying out of desire and not because of any intellectual justification
29:31 Start creating content. If you are not, you are leaving money on the table
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