EP.105. Linking the topics of marketing and advertising

All our themes and topics form a marketing weave related to one another. Have a listen in all of those now.
All our themes and topics form a marketing weave related to one another. Have a listen in all of those now.

A day discussing all the interesting topics and valuable highlights of our marketing discussions is definitely not enough. Today, we bring you the latter half of our second year celebration.

Our last year’s topics are very common themes but form a big weave of topics related to subsequent podcasts. We had a topic for Marketing 101, about business plans, making use of other people’s events and topic delving on the personal like how easy it is to do business with you. Have a listen now and enjoy the run through of our 2nd year’s highlights.

In this Podcast

01:05 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses
02:48 Last week, we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary by going back through the highlights of the first year
03:23 This time, we will be scanning through the hot topics of last year that are all linked together
04:40 Ep.50 Marketing 101 was pretty important for getting your first dip in marketing
04:44 There we talked about the 4Ps, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
05:14 David Counsell has his own version of 4Ws of marketing
05:40 It is an amazing building block of knowledge for your marketing
06:24 How important are your people in your business?
06:49 In Ep.64, we talked about business plans
07:32 When was the last time you revisited your business plan?
08:21 The road to the top of the mountain has many turns. Indeed.
09:01 Do you have any visual reminder of your business plan?
09:43 Ep. 65 we talked about hijack marketing
10:03 How can you turn some events that will work for your marketing and make it your own?
12:06 Ep. 86 talks if you are easy to do business with?
12:34 Do you put obstacles for people to reach you?
13:08 Do you easily get distracted with the little bush fires in your business?
14:04 Do you see your business how customers get to see you?
16:18 Ep. 83, Do you inform your staff how your business go?
17:13 Do you see the value of investing to your staff?
18:08 Does everyone believe in the processes of the company?
20:46 Ep.84 talks about getting all the people in your business in the know
21:20 The information about your business is not limited to your staff but should be carried out even to your suppliers and to your customers
22:21 Ep. 92 talks about the Google changes and if you passed the mobile test
22:29 Are you included in the 40% of people who made changes in their website to make it mobile-friendly?
23:39 Customer experience is always at the core of your business
23:56 Don’t let visitors bounce off your website just because they’re having difficulty to navigate it
25:46 On Ep. 58, we talked about planting good experiences on your business
26:15 With word of mouse, great experiences are immediately shared
26:57 How do you turn your customers as your biggest staff?
27:46 Do you have a fear of talking to many people discussing your business?
28:27 Without you even realizing it, you are doing networking but you can definitely improve it
29:14 Revisit all the episodes we had, it is definitely worth investing your time
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