EP. 101. The hidden tricks of the big advertisers unveiled


You too can do what the big guys do in their marketing. Learn the tricks of the trade and apply them to your business.
You too can do what the big guys do in their marketing. Learn the tricks of the trade and apply them to your business.

What is the common factor of all businesses? All of them try to do marketing and advertising. Especially with the big leagues, they spend a lot to roll out their brands. It doesn’t mean that what the big advertisers do can’t be done to small businesses.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the hidden tricks that advertisers use. Do you know someone who names their stuff or associate human emotions to their things? Or are you attracted to products that are advertised with people’s faces on it? Better yet, you are triggered to purchase something that are only available for a limited period? These are definitely the tricks we will be talking about that can sure be used to your business as well. So have a listen and learn more.

In this Episode

01:10 Welcome to episode 101 of David versus David
01:20 The podcast where we discuss everything that will help you grow your small to medium business
02:23 Consistency is one thing that we always talk about
04:15 Today, we will be talking about the hidden tricks that advertisers use to sell things
04:36 These are the tricks that the big guys use and there’s no one telling that small to medium business owners can’t use them
04:52 Use the correct tool for the correct job
05:06 What is anthropomorphizing?
05:32 The smile and reason behind Amazon logo
06:29 Do you know someone who names their car?
07:54 Can you make customer attribute emotions to your products?
10:55 How can you use trustworthiness?
11:25 How can you use faces on your ads?
11:45 Are the faces looking at the products?
12:42 Faces should be used as visual cues to guide the vision of the audience
13:32 Use the trick of scarcity for your advertising
13:35 The more people think they can’t have, the more they want it
14:30 Also, other people want to acquire social proof
15:01 This trick of scarcity are common in booking airline tickets where they always tell people that the budget tickets are on limited seats available
16:42 Scarcity can be stock limited or time limited
18:03 Scarcity is an effective mechanism to make the buyers take action
18:50 Social proof is also very powerful
19:24 If you get to see something in Facebook that many of your friends liked, would you like it too?
21:04 Any of those social media sharing sites use social proof
21:46 Even in online buying stores, they provide recommended products that other people bought along with the products you’re looking at
22:40 It is wrong to use ads that yell in social media sites like Facebook
23:59 Have you tried to use reverse psychology in selling or I your advertising?
24:35 Resistance is a logical tool that play with people’s emotions
26:00 So, how are you going to apply these tricks to your advertising?
26:15, As always, start with customers, know who they are and then look at these tools on how you can make use of these
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