EP.06. A quick guide to writing your business’ social media posts

Don't just share
Don’t just keep on sharing, create original content.
Original content is always better than the ones you just see in the internet. How do you create yours?

Small and medium businesses have reached another height in marketing and advertising with the aid of social media. Now, Facebook, Twitter and the likes are not just a venue to share photos or status, but a great avenue to tell the world how you can solve your customers’ problems. But despite the lengths of your reach through the internet, your focus should remain local.

For this week, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about writing stories that will work as your social media posts. How do you get to develop a story that will catch people’s attention and deliver what they expected? You don’t want to just have click bait to keep people coming but really, gives them nothing. Have a listen now and learn more.

In this Episode

02:11 Let’s talk about how to make social media work for you
02:26 Business have different variations in the path but have the same core
03:04 How to stand out in social media?
03:27 What are your social media messages about?
03:51 How many posts should you write in a day?
04:51 Story arc in writing social media message
04:56 What not to do in writing social media message
05:13 Parts of your message
05:33 How to promote a person in your social media
06:15 How to write a solution in your posts
06:51 How to create a series of posts
07:27 How to start a story arc
07:53 How to start a relationship post
10:54 How to get people buy your story
13:32 What are the posts you shouldn’t be reposting
14:32 What to do if you want to repost stories related to your business
15:14 Where is the greater bulk of your business located
15:41 How should you think and act towards your business?
16:18 Where are your customers?
17:19 Thinking globally but acting locally
17:42 Writing the headlines of your post
17:62 What is click bait?
18:54 Spend as much time it needs to write a good headline
19:50 How to promote curiosity with your posts?
21:10 How is info graphics working for your posts?
22:36 Why use info graphics?
23:20 How to focus on solution in your messages
24:20 How to focus on what the customer needs
25:12 How to frame your message to create a sale
25:39 What is the solution you are offering
25:53 You just don’t post messages but develop a story arc
26:49 Next week, we’ll talk about Google search
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