EP.05. Things you should know before placing a Radio Ad

On Air
If you think everything is in the cloud (or web) now, Radio is still hitting the airwaves and still proves an effective way for advertising.

Who killed the radio star? No one!, it is most certainly NOT dead, and that also applies for radio ads. Even with technological advances and advent of the internet, Radio is still one powerful medium that people get in tune with for lengthy hours of time, while they’re at home, driving or simply waiting in line. But before jumping in to the radio stations to place your ads, have a listen to this first.

In this episode, our resident Radio expert David Counsell and SEO specialist David Pritchard yet have another interesting discussion on the power of Radio Advertising. Learn the ways of strategising, converting and measuring the effects of radio ads to your business.

In this Episode

02:18 Today, we will be talking about one of the main 3 of main media, Radio
02:29 What is the most accessible media for small to medium business?
02:59 It’s very easy to get wrong with Radio
03:55 Is Radio as popular and as effective as it was before?
04:09 The 3 main media, television, print and radio have all been affected by the new media
04:43 Why are you choosing that particular media?
04:55 How to choose the right media?
05:11 Why are you using radio?
05:40 Podcast cannot handle advertisements as efficient as radio
06:55 What is your strategy if you will be choosing Radio?
07:14 People have favorite radio stations
08:19 There are radio programs, though, that may draw listeners to them
08:51 What is “time spent listening” to radio?
09:20 Ads that can be placed on radio
10:18 Targeting customers with radio ads is strategic
10:45 How is message written for radio
11:15 What is the time that you will be placing your ads?
12:32 Get your ads broken down at a cost per thousand
12:59 Find where your target customers are
14:13 Set clear goals with your radio ads so you can measure the success rate
14:45 Measure the percentage of people that you are converting
15:37 You have 2 peaks during the day that you can put your radio ads
16:06 Measure these ads individually
16:44 Consider how much you’d like to increase your sale
18:09 Does your leads complete the conversion to complete a sale?
19:13 How can you take advantage of the additional information that you are giving out?
20:28 Be careful not to trick people in to Bait and Switch
22:52 How do you make ads memorable?
23:39 radio is the theatre of the mind
25:40 Make loyal customers at a very early age
29:36 Don’t try to pack everything in one ad
29:49 Radio is a game of reach and frequency
30:15 What else does radio work with?
30:51 See all these options and considerations before placing your radio ads to avoid wasting
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