EP. 04. How to enable, save and generate more money through Websites

Having a website won’t automatically give you money. But with the right use, it can sure to jumpstart your increasing profits.

Do you remember the days when you had to make phone calls or go to the ticketing office just to book a flight? Or the time when you had to go to the local shop because you have an inquiry about their products. Or maybe, you found yourself clueless on what a restaurant offers? Well, all these were solved through having a website. And if it is easier for you and your customers, then it is a sure way to earn more money.

In this episode, our website expert, David Pritchard and marketing guru, David Counsell yet again share their personal insights and knowledge about websites and how to make it profitable. If you’re still thinking that having a website is just an additional cost to you, let us convince you that it will in fact, will let you earn more profit.

In this Episode

02:15 This week, we will be talking all about websites and how it can increase your profitability
02:52 Many predictions about the internet has came true
03:43 Do you remember the time when internet was still on a dial-up?
04:30 Websites, over the years, has generated more sales for businesses
07:34 Websites has allowed business to do many things that weren’t possible
09:32 Back in the 90s, a budget airline spent thousands of pounds for a website which propelled the business
12:07 Are you part of the generation who sets up the website and just it leave it as it is?
13:01 What are the things a website can do for your business?
14:24 Designers before weren’t that many
15:24 What is the communication strategy of today?
15:41 Your competitor knows the things you know about the business too but your customers don’t
17:05 Websites can give information to customers before they even go to your shop
18:41 You have more chances of getting the client if they can get all the information they need
19:28 What is a brochure website?
21:05 If you hit your customers with the right message, they are most likely to complete the sale process
21:44 Th database you build from your website can also provide follow-up service and a new opportunity for sales
23:34 Database was very expensive during the 1970s which you can easily build with a website
24:21 How can website pixel help you understand your customers?
25:41 Website is a tool for enabling, saving and generating money
27:33 If you need more information on how to make profitable websites, talk to someone who knows them very well
29:36 Website also allows you full control too it because you own it and not just a social media page
30:25: Next episode, we will be talking about Radio
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