EP. 02. Why you shouldn’t ignore the “search nearby” of Google Search

Search nearby
Location services is no longer exclusive for maps. Google has been using the information of your location to give you the best results for your searches.

The internet has allowed businesses to reach the far corners of the globe. In return, anyone anywhere can also search for businesses in their desired location. But is it common that people look for businesses away from them?

In this Podcasts, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the importance of local search and how this has shaped the new game of SEO. Google not only provides you the best results, but also the closes one in your proximity. With that in mind, how are you targeting your customers within your district? Have a listen now and learn more how can this work to your favor.

In this Episode

01:45 For this week, we will talk about Google Search focusing on local search
02:21 What are the kind of searches that your customers look for?
03:21 Google loves changing, including their algorithms
03:44 What are the Google updates that shaped SEO
03:54 Google promotes local search especially with mobile search
04:41 What drives Google to change
06:30 Mobile devices has changed the landscape for searching
07:45 How to appear in Google maps’s first 3 (of results)
08:28 What are ratings and reviews for Google
09:16 How does Google connect your business with the customers?
10:10 Don’t be afraid to use the Google review services
11:53 Google’s plan with Google +
12:35 How do you come up to the first page of Google Search
13:08 How Google provides result “near you”
14:50 Provide content to your customers
16:17 Google make it difficult for people who tries to manipulate the market
16:53 Being on Page 1 does not always guarantee a follow through
17:06 Reward deserving businesses with a proper review
19:01 Many people posts their humble bragging of having a good time but don’t leave a feedback
21:37 More and more establishments are now receiving feedback from customers
23:07 Do you have a personal rule for leaving feedback?
26:47 Feedback has now the power to make a break a business
27:20 The 2 tiers of Google search results
30:28 Get more reviews and work with Google to help you get in the top 3
31:18 Be more consistent with your reviews
31:59 Think Globally, Act Locally
32:09 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
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