Ep. 12. Blogging, Newsletters and Emails What are Cat Loving Nana’s Reading?



Building an army for online marketing?
Building an army for online marketing?


For this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about effective means of marketing your business and building relationships with your customers. They discuss why Newsletters are things of the past and how Social Media, Email Marketing and Blogs are proven more effective ways to communicate with your target audience.


Are frequent updates better than monthly information? And can you make your videos a productive assets for your website?


Listen and be entertained at the same time as you learn why Newsletters are dead as a dodo and how you can engage cat-loving grannies with the use of social media for your marketing, as well as the other niches that you want to reach.


In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:26 Busy life in UK and Australia
03:22 Running out of English Jelly Babies
04:13 Introduction to Newsletters, Emails and Blogging
04:35 Newsletters are dead as a dodo
05:26 Email marketing is considered effective
05:48 Blogs can be written, a video or an audio
06:35 Building assets of your website
07:40 How assets can help you for better search engine optimization
09:20 Keywords ranking
09:51 The suit of armor
10:25 Videos for email marketing
11:35 How videos can be monitored to perceive the reception of the audience
13:24 Asking for referrals
14:40 Providing teasing introduction to engage the audience
15:43 Story is about hooking people through to get them on the journey with you
16:29 Recording videos for blogs or emails
18:06 Planning topics for your blogs
19:59 Mind mapping for organizing thoughts
22:08 Different methods suit different businesses better than the others
23:49 Finding your niche and how to target them
25:00 the effectiveness of video in marketing
26:10 Stressing that paper form newsletters are dead
27:26 Engaging customers with shorter snippets
27:40 Getting genuine response and frequent feedback
29:45 Squirrels are back in the box
29:37 Marketing is not about you, it’s not about the business but it’s about the customers
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30:48 Goodbyes