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EP. 08. Connecting the dots of business plans for your marketing strategy

Connect the dots to marketing
Get everything you learned and stitched them together. Let us help you realize your own marketing strategy.

Can you imagine how time flies so fast? It is the final episode for the season 2 of David versus David. Now that you’ve come this far, can you start to picture the pattern we’ve created? At the very beginning of the season, all topics are lined out to help you realize this important concept in marketing, planning ahead. These discussions are not just random thoughts but carefully planned out just for you, dear listeners. And that is exactly what you have to do in carrying out your marketing strategy.

Join David Counsell and David Pritchard as they connect the pieces and nuggets of information we’ve all discussed during the start of the season. Realise the role of branding, Social Media, SEO, radio, website, copywiritng and other topics in devising your marketing plan. Have a listen now and join this concept-building now.

In this Episode

02:08 As you’ve stayed to the very end of this season, we stitched all the topics together forming a marketing plan for you
03:15 Have you experienced a marketing strategy that doesn’t seem to form the dots?
04:41 Let us just try to connect the dots in a digital sphere
04:59 Unhappy customers and unhappy staff is bad for business
06:17 In other to connect the dots, figure out out who is your customer and what is your message
06:28 What is the central piece in communications in this digital age?
06:27 The value of a website to your business
07:22 How can you convert people if they are just in Social Media accounts?
09:34 Keep your customers within your website and doesn’t find the need to go out if they need to complete a purchase
10:24 Do you need to reference other links in your website?
11:35 How does newspaper compete with their online counterpart?
14:05 What happens when large media tycoon take over the system of main media?
14:50 Where is the traffic coming from?
15:26 Have you optimised your website for search engine?
15:41 Do you have Pay-per-click?
15:55 Do you have a clear call to action?
18:16 Is your alternate website visually appealing and compatible?
19:01 When do you turn on each of the different media?
19:12 In your Social Media posts, do yo build story arcs?
20:19 How would you start your Pay-per-click ads?
20:27 How to use scarcity to be an advantage to your company?
21:09 Have a marketing plan ready and laid out for the rest of the year on all platforms of marketing and advertising
21:47 Are you also up to viral videos for your company?
22:15 Do you ever brief your employees on the goal of the company?
23:44 Are your staff ready for the requests or inquiries?
23:59 Have you thought of re-marketing?
24:59 Do you know the buying cycle of your products or services?
26:11 Preparation is key
27:32 When do you prepare your business for the christmas rush?
28:36 If a marketing plan is devised early on, everything will be smooth and you can just focus giving the best experience for your clients
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