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Ep.03. Merging SEO with copywriting

Creative SEO
SEO is not just pure technical. Inject with creative copywriting and see how it greatly works.

Gone are the days that creative copywriting is sacrificed for an effective search engine optimisation. If Link Farms have once tricked you, you better know now this time that those are just a waste of time and money. We’ve reached the digital age where content is king, and you have in full control of that.

In this podcast, our hosts David Counsell and David Pritchard yet have a very interesting discussion and disagreements between the relationship of copywriting to SEO. Have a listen as they shared things to do in your website’s back-end to help you get found by Google and reach that Page 1 spot that we’re all aiming for.

In this Episode

01:46 Why don’t we talk about copywriting for Search Engine Optimisation
02:03 Copywritng and SEO have never been more entangled ever than today
02:31 How has SEO changed over time
03:16 What are Keywords and Keywords density
04:47 The Google updates that affected SEO
05:04 How copywriting for website evolved
06:40 SEO can be written in multiple ways and Google plays an important role
07:24 Have you had crappy content?
07:59 Relationship of content to SEO
08:39 How to start SEO with content
09:17 SEO is getting more clever with Google
09:26 Good content vs. manipulated content
10:22 The value of Page title
11:22 Why Page title is key
12:41 Geographical targeting using title
14:51 How to make searchable Page title
15:31 How often time should use put a keyword or key phrase in your article?
17:02 Focus the content to your customers and the resolution of their problems
17:15 Knowing the purpose of your content
18:48 You need to generate traffic to your website
19:16 Target interests using the Page title
19:41 Formatting for SEO
23:06 How to lead people to your call to action
23:34 What is Website bounce?
24:40 How do links contribute to SEO building?
25:03 Don’t fall prey to link farm offers
25:27 How to establish outward linking
26:52 Examples of outward linking
28:32 What is Page Title tag?
29:35 Personalize the description that appears in Google
31:19 SEO and Copywriting shouldn’t be in conflict but are rather support to help you get found in Google Searches
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