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EP. 115. How does your website should look like

Get a chunk of the internet and broadcast your business online.
Get a chunk of the internet and broadcast your business online.

With the power of internet, almost everything can be found online. And this medium is not limited just for big businesses. Even small to medium enterprises can take a piece in the world wide web and be found by many. If you are wary on how to start one, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about how to make your website successful.

A good website doesn’t look good but should function to convey your message. After all, a website is not about you but about your customers and how you can resolve their concerns. Like a well-thought website, we don’t you to click on several other links just to get the answer you need. Have a listen now and start making your own page.

In this Episode

01:03 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast that will help your small to medium business in terms of marketing and advertising
04:32 Why don’t we talk about websites that benefits a small business
05:28 What are the things you need to do to make your website successful?
05:58 Don’t be most people who just want a website without knowing what they want
06:47 People often look into websites to know what time you open or what are the products you offer
07:20 Facebook page is better than having nothing but Facebook is not yours
07:49 How are you going to be found in search engines?
08:18 Facebook can change it’s rules that;s why it’s better to get your own
08:38 What are the elements of the websites that you should be getting?
09:19 If you are starting out, try with WordPress
10:15 What are the pages you’d like to have?
10:30 How do you want your website to look like?
11:01 Where are your menu bars or footnotes going to appear?
11:47 Will you be putting sign up forms on your website?
12:15 Starting with a website is not just a function of design but of logic
13:38 What do you want your website to say?
14:50 After you tell what you say, then the designer can start his her job
16:10 Create an outline and guide the designer on how you want it to look like
17:05 What are the typical elements of the webpage?
17:27 How does corporate websites look like?
18:04 Your homepage is not about you but about your customers and how you solve their problems
19:01 What are the elements of a homepage?
19:36 Where should your contact details be?
20:49 Don’t make people dig down
21:09 You will lose customers if people have difficulty navigating your website
21:35 The homepage should sell the reason why they should continue
22:27 How do you structure your menu?
23:06 Make the next step you want to be clear to the visitors
23:42 Be clear with your call to action
23:59 What is the footer area of your website?
24:54 How can you help visitors with a sitemap?
26:03 What should be the content of your about page?
26:37 Th About page s often the most visited part of the website
27:16 Be personal with your engagements
27:36 Don’t put images of you or your staff like they are for prison
28:46 Talk about the service that you provide or the products you sell
29:13 Keep your clustering easy
29:29 Have a contact page even if is in your header already
30:32 You too can incorporate a Google Map to make people find you easily
31:32 Blogging started for personal use but more business are also using this to introduce their products
32:35 Don’t put everything in one blog post
32:25 A side bar can also help your visitors get quick information or navigation
34:02 Having a testimonial page can convey authority
35:01 Think of the longer aspects of your website where you can convert it as a database
35:25 You can have a sign up form to create an email contact list
37:07 You can definitely use your email list as a good asset for your business
37:35 You can provide information to those who signed up
38:09 Take note of all these information if you’re starting up making your website
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