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EP.110. Cultivating the right people as your new customers

You can talk to more people to introduce you business. But how sure are you that you’re talking to the right one?
You can talk to more people to introduce you business. But how sure are you that you’re talking to the right one?

Our business revolves around people. We revolve around their needs and wants. And to keep the business going, we need to keep people revolving around us too. And there’s 2 ways to do that: First, is to establish existing relationships and make them purchase more or second, we can cultivate new people to generate new sales. We’ll be talking of the latter more.

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard share about the importance and ways of uncovering new customers for your business. Sure, maintaining relationship is important but we also need to keep the ball rolling by inviting new people to support us. So, where do we find new customers? How do we lead them to us? How would we know that they too, are the right people to talk to. Have a listen now and learn more.
In this Episode
00:59 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business where we talk all sort of things for your marketing and advertising
03:09 Let’s talk about prospecting: uncovering new business
03:28 Are you trying to uncover existing businesses for them to spend more?
03:33 Or are you looking for fresh blood?
03:44 Let’s focus on uncovering new people?
03:59 How do we recognize new customers?
04:11 Let’s talk about generating the right leads
04:41 These are the people who are actual people that are ready to complete the sale
05:29 What will lead people to make the right purchase?
06:17 Do they have the problem that you can solve?
06:40 Do the people see themselves in the mirror? They are customers!
07:18 How do your sales people justify the sale?
07:33 How does customer rationalize their purchase?
08:10 How do you communicate to the right people that you have the answers to their problems?
08:56 Do you over complicate the sales process?
09:35 How do you ask people to uncover the problems?
10:15 If you are not sure of a customer, don’t blast them with too much information
11:09 Use the right tools to uncover a prospect
12:29 The most valuable tool in your sales tool are your ears
13:26 Do you give the proper solution?
13:45 Word of mouth is great advertising, but how do you get that?
14:38 At the end of every sale is the start of a new sale.
15:36 How do you deliver 100% satisfaction to your customers?
16:07 Take note of the place or medium where your prospects uncover their problems
18:10 What are the wrong questions we commonly ask?
19:32 Ask the right probing questions
22:04 How do you make customers feel that you have everything they need?
23:32 Ask people what lead them to you and when did they need it?
26:06 In your mind, have a profile of your target customers
27:47 Are you talking to the decision makers?
29:28 Are you giving the information to the right people?
29:50 Who is your customer?
30:06 Make sure you are giving the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
30:52 If you get the sales process right, you’ll make more completed sales in the end
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EP.109. Converting your Facebook followers to website customers


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