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EP. 102. Adding contacts to your database


Database is not just a box of contact details or business cards.  Get people to subscribe and follow through with your communication.
Database is not just a box of contact details or business cards. Get people to subscribe and follow through with your communication.

We said it over again that database are gold pieces to your business. They can trigger the spread about your brand and increase the number of your customers. But how do you actually get to add people in your list, more so how do you continue the relationship?

In this Podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about how you can add numbers to your database. Do you have an existing database? When was the last time you send out information to the people in your list? Are you thinking of converting your facebook contacts to a your database. Have a listen to the discussion and learn the ways how to multiply real and valuable people in that list.

In this Episode

01:07 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium business
01:17 Greetings from David Pritchard and David Counsell
01:50 In this episode, we will be talking about databases and how you can add numbers to that
02:07 Do you have a limited number of quality people in your list?
02:43 Make sure you add real and valuable people in your database
03:34 Make sure you got the permission of the people you are adding and agreed to the double opt-in
04:27 Let’s talk about the ways on adding people to your database
04:44 When was the last time you communicate with the people in your list?
05:21 The less number you touch base with people, the less percentage of your open rate will be
05:58 Do you have anything useful to offer?
07:08 What can you give away to your database?
07:55 Stop giving crap
08:41 You can give something quantifiable
1:53 As you know, David C is giving out free email updates videos to its existing and potential clients. Check them here:
11:11 Inform the people what they are actually getting from you
12:33 Make sure the stuff you give away will build the relationship of your company to the receivers
14:55 Don’t be too persuasive to make people sign up
15:43 Think about if you give out something, will it make the people come back to you?
17:30 How do you let people know that are not inside the list that your offer exists?
17:59 How to make sure that the people in your list won’t get pissed off about your offer?
18:20 Where are your customers in the biggest groups?
21:30 Look for people in the right places
23:50 If you are using Facebook to convert people to your database, have you heard of the Facebook conversion pixel?
27:11 Make sure you get a strategy for an ongoing communication
27:35 Ask for referrals
28:27 The right price in front of the right potential customers that will join your database is what you need
29:04 Your mantra should be The word of mouse
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