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Ep.94. Developing your unique selling proposition

USP FInder
Though market competitions pose a threat to your success, analyze them and learn the ropes in developing your USP.

“Before you sell something, you must want to buy it yourself.”

That is one statement we often hear in the world of business. This rings true may it be applied to a commodity or a service that you offer. But in this time where most types of enterprise seems to have existed, what makes yours stand out and people would want to buy?

In this podcast, David Counsell and David Pritchard talks about your unique selling proposition or USP. It is important that you have identified it at the start of your business and that is clearly carried out to you, to your staff and to your customers. Define your business in the marketplace. Have a listen now and learn the ways on how to better develop your core reason for business.

In this Episode

03:19 It is a good time for business
04:04 Job security has been up for people and they keep on looking for entrepreneurial options
04:31 The internet has been a great tool for start-up businesses
04:44 In this episode, we will be talking about unique selling proposition or USP
04:49 USP also answers, “Why should I buy from you?”
05:38 Do you consider what action should your customers take?
05:56 Sometimes, enterprises lost the reason for the business
06:31 What’s in it for the customers that they will purchase your products or services?
06:53 Do you have any competition in your business or are you in the market with other same business?
07:17 If people have reason to buy from you more than anybody else, then you may have the success
07:40 Think like a customer
07:52 How can you solve the problems of your customers?
08:09 If you can resolve that, price is not often a question
08:15 How is your product different from your competitor?
09:05 What do you think is the USP of McDonalds?
10:21 You wan to convey your USP to your customers
12:00 Discounting can probably do more harm than good
12:28 Why is it that Benz is a luxury car in most countries but is a taxi in Germany?
13:31 Volvo on the other hand, speaks for safety
14:17 So, how can you develop your USP?
14:35 Write your strengths and weaknesses
15:11 Use the truth mirror
15:44 Why do you need to look at your competitors?
17:03 It is important that you are the first in your line of business
17:15 But there too is nothing wrong with being second but you need to show that you do things better
17:28 Try to check the competition outside your immediate reach to see how they are doing things
19:31 Also, have a look at what the leaders in your line of business is doing
21:14 Same way goes to businesses that failed. Analyze them also
21:35 When you start writing your USP, make sure it means something for your customers
22:34 Talk with them in simple words
24:00 Can you combine your USP to your tagline?
24:04 Quality should always be on top than being cheap
24:34 So what would you do once you have your USP?
24:52 Take every opportunity to tell it to your customers
25:17 USP is your corporate identity and the reason for your business
25:40 Will it cost you to put everywhere?
26:26 You want customers to know what you do and why they should be buying from you
27:52 Add extra value on your offers, more than just cutting on the price
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