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Ep. 77 “Is SEO still worth doing?” and other questions you yourself might be asking

If you’re not gonna make the move, then all the more you lose your of winning the game.
If you’re not gonna make the move, then all the more you lose your of winning the game.

Unless you own the game, you can’t make the rules. And no, were not talking about Monopoly here, but the board of SEO. You might be wondering, with the continuous changes with Google’s algorithm, is still worth giving SEO a shot? And in this episode, that is what David Counsell and David Pritchard have answered.

We have certainly provided you a good lecture, both basic and in-depth, about Search Engine Optimization and we have reaped a good number of follow-up questions. And some of those will be answered here. You can be a very busy person and would want to entrust the SEO of your page to someone else, How would you know that they are credible and won’t run away with your money. Or, how would you re-engage with old clients and maintain a relationship with your newly acquired customers? There are a couple of pointers to be discussed and as always, this is definitely worth to listen. And to answer the question above, it is a big fat YES. But to know how and why, then that is for you to discover. So click on the link and have a listen.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:01 Welcome to David versus David, the podcast for small to medium businesses
01:28 Greetings from UK
01:34 Greetings from Paradise Hobart
01L48 It is always a good time to talk about marketing
02:10 We know that David Counsell’s company is named Inferno Marketing and Design, but what does it actually mean?
02:15 The name is actually a classic, derived from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno
03:22 A shout to a great teacher, Mrs. Holsington
03:26 She also taught about writing a copy
03:31 Never use the word “for” before the word free
04:05 Take out any redundant words that you don’t need
04:38 And learn how to use the apostrophe
04:43 Another shout out to Nigel who definitely hates incorrect usage of this punctuation mark
05:06 In the previous episodes, we were discussing about SEO and we got a lot of follow up questions
05:28 In the previous years, it has been common to fill out your websites with content that are not necessarily original
05:49 Some may vary it with changing a few sentences and posted them with a different keywords
06:13 Many of these are outsourced in cheap layers and may not be translated very well
06:26 Some may be using automated tool which doesn’t sound right
07:12 But Google has started looking for poorly written unoriginal content
07:44 If computers can only automatic read the contents and react
08:02 Our first question is from Adam: “What do I need to look for if I want to avail an SEO service from others?”
08:45 There are several things you need to look at if you want others to do the SEO for you
08:49 Ask them about the various changes in Google’s algorithms
09:06 Last week we talked about the Panda update which deals with onsite elements and Penguin update responsible for checking the external links
09:30 It’s a good starting to ask them and test their knowledge
09:59 Don’t buy links because you want to avoid the long-term damage
10:36 If you provide good content and people like the article, they will link to your webpage and that’s the natural link that Google loves
11;17 You can engage in forums or in other websites
11:29 You can respond to comments but don’t make it look like spams
12:19 Ask them what their link building strategy is
12:41 if it sounds flaky, it might be so keep away from them
12:51 Will they help you provide content?
13:33 Google is one powerful that can provide a directory of websites
13:50 So be aware of anything that seems false
14:11 But if that agency that can help you build content and can generate natural link building, then that may be slightly better
14:38 we my have covered some points discussed in the past episodes but it is because it is that important
14:58 be wary where you hand your money to
15:15 Our next question is from Antonia
15:25 “How to re-engage with new clients and keep in contact with old clients?”
15:38 With old clients, you can send an email that starts with “Are you still interested in…”
16:07 With clients you lost touch with, you want to talk to them with the last topic you discussed
16:17 Old clients tend to be people you lost contact with otherwise you will call them existing clients
16:27 For existing clients, it’s not a one-strategy email or phone call
16:37 You need to have a multi-layer strategy including email, phone calls or text messages
17:10 If you’re not hearing back from them, either they don’t want to hear from you or you may be asking the wrong question
17:27 Make sure you are not yelling at them
17:44 For new clients, you should have strategy to put on conversation often
19:47 Don’t over do it though
20:18 You can send from a different email address or call using a different telephone number
20:57 You also don’t want to waste time with people who don’t like your products or services but you have to be certain that they don’t like you
21:12 Antonia sent her question via LinkedIn and just like with communication, you can have different avenues for SEO
21:39 That’s why at the end of each episodes, we provide various ways to reach us
21:45 The more information you provide within reason, the more engagement you can possibly have
22:02 You can offer the different mechanisms to show content which can be video, audio or text
22:57 And for our final question, Lisa asks “Is there any point in doing SEO?”
23:02 Such question may come from the cynicism of people who might been hit with penalties in the past
23:33 Google will definitely change the rules again and your competitors may do something to overrun you
23:58 You have to take the long term view when it comes to SEO
24:12 It is build on the core of having great content
24:30 Google hates manipulative websites
25:36 SEO is a process, is worth doing,
25:52 Manipulating Google is not the SEO you want to try in
26:05 If you don’t do SEO, all the more Google punishes you and push you down the chain
26:26 If you don’t own the game, you have to play the rules set
27:08 There are legitimate websites that are indeed swept by Google’s rules but you have to ask why were you swept
27:46 The best link-building practice is to engage in areas where your customers are
28:15 Like in the forums, for example, you can have your name with a signature of your website
28:37 Tweak people’s curiosity
28:59 There’s no such thing as free. It’s either you’re putting time on it or your paying someone to do it for you
29:14 A very wise man once told David C, “If it is free, it has no real value”
29:40 Wrapping up
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30:16 Goodbyes!

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