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Ep. 73. Everything Brochure

There’s more ways than one in unfolding the trade of brochures.
There’s more ways than one in unfolding the trade of brochures.

What is that thing that can make David Counsell run to the river and drown himself? Bad brochures! Just because people are able to use Microsoft’s Publisher does not mean that they are automatically graphic designers. Graphic Design is a genuine skill, and poorly done fliers and brochures can make people run away and drown themselves in desperation.

In this episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about brochures. They may be online brochures, or the actual flier type brochure, but you need to know the differences in making them. Why do we even need them in the first place? Tune in our podcast this week to know everything about them.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:26 Greetings from the UK and Tasmania!
02:06 It’s a beautiful day in Paradise
02:36 We’ll be talking about how to make a great brochure
03:05 People always ask for sales catalogs and brochures; something to take away with them
03:33 Brochures can be electronic or hard copies
03:37 In this day and age, you need to think about what sort of brochure you are actually making
03:54 A brochure is a particular media that you use to communicate to people
04:02 Start with who you are talking to, write the message, and that will tell you where to put it
04:42 For a certain client, it came down to the demographic that he is serving as a business
05:05 Some people read better when they’ve got something in their hands as opposed to reading it off a computer screen
05:56 Is the brochure a trade brochure? Or is it directed at the consumer or the purchaser?
06:30 The easiest way to find out what the purpose of the brochure is to talk to the people that you are about to give the brochure to
07:00 Have a general and open conversation with them
07:20 AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action
08:19 Media: It can’t be all things to all people
08:34 The more focused your message is, the more focused your purpose is, the narrower the segment of the people you are appealing to, but it will also be more effective
09:03 An example: online media
11:28 Would you use all of those colors in your living room? No?
11:47 The exasperating Comic Sans
12:15 Don’t use emoji’s when tweeting David C! If you’ve written it the right way, he wouldn’t need a smiley face to know that you are happy
12:49 Graphic designers communicate emotions in brochures on a different level. Hello, Mark!
14:17 Graphic design is important!
14:20 Brochures give people an important instant impression of your business
14:39 This helps develop and instant level of trust in your business
14:50 The (card) stock where you print your brochure is important too
15:30 Presentation is paramount
16:33 A combination of a good graphic designer and a good printer will make a significant difference to your end result
16:43 This is the same with business cards
18:04 An example of a previous client
19:03 Copywriting is just as important as graphic design
19:56 Get an outside copywriter, someone not related to the business
20:10 It’s better to get someone with objectivity
21:10 The third party/detached person more often provides a simplistic view
21:41 You’ve got to write for the reader
22:26 An example with David P’s uncle: business of stereo cartridges and technical brochures
24:15 Copyright: Don’t knock stuff off someone else
24:37 Most of your competitors are not smarter than you are
24:47 Everything about making things up, adults, parents, and business-owners
25:33 Trust yourself
25:39 Using images: check the copyright!
26:30 Best of all, use original (your own) images
26:57 Changing the image by ten percent does not mean that you are not infringing their copyright
29:09 The image quality for a printed document is different for an online document
29:40 Well, what do you know, size does matter
30:05 For printed brochures, do they need fold out versions? Make them easy to read
30:19 Keep size and fold very much at the front of your mind
31:02 Make sure to do the dummy first
31:10 Spell check. And then, spell check it again. You can never spell check something enough
31:55 Also, get your apostrophes right. Nigel will be furious.
32:29 Don’t overlook the regular stuff like addresses
33:28 It is so easy to get it wrong when you see it all of the time
34:24 Think about how the person will see and read it will see it first
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