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Ep.69. There isn’t a cheap way for Content Marketing

Content is King alright, and it ain't cheap either.
Content is King alright, and it ain’t cheap either.

Thinking about marketing your business with your chin propped on your knuckles? Let’s face it, using television airtime is not cheap. But then, your time is not cheap either. As an alternative to mainstream marketing methods, the Davids talk about Content Marketing as an alternative. It can be cheap, if you know how to use it right.

Braving the wind-stricken UK, disconnecting internet lines, and many other misfortune that warranted a second take for today’s episode, David Counsell and David Pritchard talk about the advantages of using content marketing. Keeping to mind that it is not always the appropriate method to use, they give pointers on how and when to use it. They advise us to “just do it”. In business, and also in life, do not let fear stop you from getting your ideas out there.

In this Episode

00:00 Opener
01:03 Greetings from the UK and Tasmania
01:37 Maybe we need to do an outtakes version of this show
02:29 A hurricane is battering the UK recently
03:03 A bit of homework from last week
03:32 We were talking about list-building last week
03:46 A method for increasing opt-in rate
04:19 Have a “Get your free….” button on your website
04:56 When you click the button, that’s when the sign up page appears. This will earn them the free newsletter or report
05:18 This is a two-stage process
05:31 The person that clicked it will be more likely to enter their email address
06:15 By dropping the button in the middle of your content, and then interrupting their flow with this two-step process, is a clever method of getting more opt-ins
07:01 Related to that, is dropping that kind of method into good content
07:28 Getting more content is the biggest thing that many small business owners face
07:40 An example where content marketing is the right choice
08:10 Building up credibility of the product is vitally important and getting the message out there is better than taking a broader approach on television
08:41 Content marketing may seem cheaper but it’s not necessarily cheaper
09:06 It is an alternate method that works particularly well for particular products
10:01 You try to walk the line between what is appealing to the ego of the client and the intellectual side of the client at the same time
10:19 It seems cheaper because of its ability to market that content relatively cheaply, e.g. links and social media sites
10:52 Also because you are able to do it yourself
11:00 BUT, do not undervalue your own time
11:28 Its difference with radio ads, and content marketing using the radio
12:05 Why is content creation so important?
12:17 People like good content
12:41 The stuff that catches your eye is good content
13:37 People’s natural tendencies is to be the bearer of news
14:12 If you can start building some quality content, you will become referred to
14:30 Another good thing: it is customizable
15:36 You can get it customized to individual market and still, be the same piece of content
15:58 Where do I get my content from?
16:13 An example: retailing a common household product
17:00 Think about your customers’ issues and problems that are to be addressed by using your products
17:30 By default, your solution will rise to the top
18:13 The product sells itself
18:28 It is association that you are after: what you’ve got to do is prove its worth by talking about how the problem that they’ve got is going to go away
19:16 You may try doing an interview of yourself to get your ideas out there
20:07 Further examples of content marketing
21:05 Try recording yourself with the customer
21:30 Take the bits that you’ve said in the explanation and then beat them into more shape that makes sense
22:00 Also, think about stories, e.g. the history of your product, how your customers benefitted from it
23:43 Try to show behind-the-scene images of what goes on at your place
24:01 People like images
24:18 Copy long (write long copy when creating content), video short
25:07 Keep the video short, get the main message across, then lead them elsewhere (like your website) or a call to action
25:42 Create a list
26:32 The key is Just Do It: don’t let fear hold you back
27:28 If you have questions, contact us at our website, or facebook page, or even linkedin. We are more than happy to talk to you and help point you to the right direction
28:50 Visit us at our website,
28:55 Or our facebook page,
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29:09 Goodbyes

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