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Ep.34. Compressed marketing lesson in our Q&A portion II

Got marketing questions? We might just have the answer for you!
Got marketing questions? We might just have the answer for you!

This week, we are continuing the 2nd part of our question and answer episode. We have received some of the questions that are listeners sent and want to address them as they might be the same concerns of many people out there. In this episode, we will lightly touch on advertising and the use of social media.

Is there such a thing as excessive posts in social media accounts? Among all the different platforms, which is the best to advertise on? These are just some of the problems we’d love to address. Join in the discussion and realize how much we put value in the core message of your advertisements.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Greetings
01:55 Should we talk about the cricket game?
02:39 Let’s continue our Q&A episode from last week
03:13 You too can send us your marketing and advertising questions
03:34 From Vanessa, Is there such a thing as over doing Social Media?
03:45 Yes, you can post too much
03:54 David C talks about his client who seems to be pushing it too much
04:10 Time delay posting in Facebook
04:33 Posting several times in one go will flood people’s wall
05:04 You can have 1-5 posts a day as long as it is hard core selling
05:41 Spread it out
05:52 People might be lost mixing up all the details
06:00 Let individual posts have their individual impact
06:25 What is the best time to roll out facebook posts?
06:48 You got to determine who your audience is
07:09 Posting is also not just how often but what is the message?
07:56 If you provide interesting and useful content, that will be more effective than sales pitch
08:57 There’s no excuse for not having anything to say
09:27 You can record using your mobile device and start with that
10:32 You don’t have to produce rubbish
10:43 Catch the attention of your audience
12:59 Mark asks, What is the best Social Media to put his business on?
13:20 You don’t pick your media first
15:38 Know your audience is
16::42 Know your media first
17:21 It’s more important to get your message right and send it across
17:46 Mistakes are expensive
20;12 Physical ads like flyers and leaflets are also important
20;13 Telephone directory used to be an effective way of advertising
21:33 Client > Message > Then worry about the media
23:00 The barbeque just smells great
23:38 Charlotte asks, Which Social Media is the best for my business?
26:00 You don’t own your social media accounts. They can be deleted anytime.
26:48 It is suggested to have a facebook page for your business
27:02 You too can post videos in YouTube and people can interact
30:08 Different media can be used different ways as they appropriate to their audience
30:52 You can contact us at or at
31:45 Give us 5-star reviews in iTunes
31:52 It was a great day in paradise
32:04 Goodbyes!

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