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Ep.25. Do You Have More Follow Up Than A Stalker?

Don’t just pick up that card. Pick up that phone and follow up.
Don’t just pick up that card. Pick up that phone and follow up.

In this day and age, it is easier for people to give their contact informaion if they are interested in your business. We now live in a new generation, Generation L for leads. In this podcast, David and David discuss the importance of generating leads and following up with your prospective clients.

Wondering what to do with the business cards you gathered? Or are you afraid when one said “No?” Listen to this week’s discussion and learn how to turn these inquiries to sales. Somewhere or another, these leads will lead you somewhere.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:48 Everything is good!
02:20 Talking about leads
03:10 Mistakes people do with their leads
03:15 Not utilizing the collected leads
04:06 Football cards are for collection but not your leads
04:34 You have to convert leads in to sales
05:28 Effects of ignored business
05:41 Follow up on people who left their information
06:21 Thank people who showed interest
06:56 Go back with people again and again
08:38 Ask what people want and tell what they can expect
10:21 Conquest marketing is hard but don’t give up
10:45 Set up an auto-responder
12:07 Engage people through social media
13:11 Develop relationship
13:35 Marketing is about customers and not you
14:26 What to do for phone call follow-up
15:09 Ask another form of contact
16:27 Evaluate the value of customers in a lifetime
16:55 Encourage people to like your facebook page
18:05 Suggest the benefits to your customers
18:47 No one wants to miss out
19:42 Direct people that are “warm” and realize the ones that are not for your business
20:11 People may pass your information to others
21:09 Second-tier marketing
23:55 Car service marketing
24:27 Good database leads to better follow up
25:28 Clever sales cycle marketing
26:19 Determining the value of leads
26:39 Butcher’s marketing strategy
27:33 A hairdresser’s marketing strategy
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29:41 Give us your five star reviews at iTunes
30:08 Visit our website,
30:33 Goodbyes!

Ep.22. When the business back-up plans fail to back you up


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