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Ep.21. How Can Lady Ga Ga Help Your Business Videos?

Gold. That is what you want to get in recording interviews.
Gold. That is what you want to get in recording interviews.

Videos are now prevalent in terms of marketing strategy. But giving us a whole new picture and stories are the documentary style advertisements. Joining David and David in this episode is Ryan Spanger, one of Melbourne’s sought-after video professional.

Listen to their discussion and learn more about this new way of telling stories and having authentic speakers for your next marketing strategy. Gear up to have that camera rolling.

In this Podcast

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Introducing our guest, Ryan Spanger
01:57 Talks about the Grand Final
04:34 Talks about the MCG Tour
05:08 Marketing using video
05:30 Ryan talks about documentary style marketing video
06:45 Approaching the story
07:03 Ryan talks about his preparations for shooting
07:18 Starting from the end
08:22 Finding out what really happened
09:08 Joining the conversation in your mind
10:08 Research!
10:35 Finding out the results
12:00 Creating a documentary around that results
12:30 Telling stories using real people
13:21 Using hypotheses
14:30 Telling stories that will connect to real people
15:10 Establishing a hook early on
15:48 Emotions are key
16:11 Asking the wrong questions
17:17 Same formula in writing a pop song
18:32 Thinking the pace for editing
19:33 Ryan shares his working method
19:55 Not working with scripts
20:35 Shepherding your interviewees
21:20 Having a checklist in your mind
22:17 Having authentic stories
23:03 Developing a story
23:35 Shooting intercuts
24:30 Posting reliable endorsements
26:32 Where can you find Ryan?
27:54 Sample of a documentary style advertisement
30:16 Kit to do these videos
33:16 Give up an hour of television
33:54 Wrapping up
34:52 Visit Ryan’s work at
35:20 Check The Web Marketing Show on iTunes
36:10 The gold record room
37:33 Check our website www.davidversusdavid and facebook page,
Leave us raving review at iTunes
38:05 Goodbyes!

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