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Ep 2. Do I need to use Social Media in my business?

Do I need to use Social Media in my business?


This is a question David and David get asked all the time.

How do you handle the change in your business communication strategy that has been brought about by Social Media?

Social Media is about the type of relationship you want with your customers. You cannot ignore it, and you cannot abuse it by only running ads.

What should you be talking about when using Social Media?

How often should you be talking to your customers using Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, which one is best for your business?

Practical solutions to using Social Media for Small and Medium Business.

In the beginning there was…


David and David are….. David Counsell – based in Tasmania, Australia…..  and David Pritchard – based in England. David from Tasmania (or Paradise as he often refers to it) runs an advertising, marketing and design agency that helps an international client list of small and medium business develop cost effective marketing solutions. David from England…Continue Reading